Play Live Monopoly: Biggest Game Ever

18 taxis fitted with GPS are the playing pieces in the biggest game of Monopoly ever played. Pit your cabbie against 5 others to make your fortune on the streets of London.

Recently Monopoly Here & Now was launched to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the popular board game – Monopoly. Monopoly Live is a new unique effort to promote the latest edition of the game – Monopoly Here and Now.

The aim?
London is converted into a real-life playing board, and real taxi cabs into real-life playing pieces. Make as much money from rent as possible, from five other cabs who are your opponents in the game.

The rules?
Spend the 15m they give you on properties from around the Monopoly Here & Now board, distribute your apartments and hotels and choose your cabbie. Travelling around London, every time one of the other GPS fitted cabs stops outside one of your properties, you get paid rent. Any time your cabbie lands on a property you don’t own, you pay up.

Monopoly is one of my favourite games, and this hi-tech modern version of the game will surely make fans happy.

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