How to Find IMEI Number of Your Mobile Phone

Find and jot down your mobile phone’s IMEI Number as it could be useful some day. IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique number associated with every GSM and UMTS mobile phone and can help you find your stolen cell phone easily. Save your IMEI number today.

Find IMEI number

imei numberTo find your mobile phone IMEI number, simply dial the sequence *#06# into the phone. The unique 15 digit IMEI code of your cell phone will be instantly displayed. Copy it and keep it in a safe place so that you can find it when you phone is misplaced or stolen. Modern phones will display 2 IMEI numbers. Mostly it is not possible to cut-paste them and they needed to be copied on paper.

You can also find the IMEI number by checking the compliance plate under the battery.

Why is IMEI number useful?

  1. If your mobile phone gets misplaced, lost, or stolen – you can inform the the network provider who can then put the serial number (the IMEI number for the phone) on a shared database. This list stops this particular phone from registering on any network and will be useless for anyone even if the mobile phone’s SIM card is changed!
  2. This IMEI number is also useful to unlock mobile phones and get them working once they are found. So find and write down your IMEI number right now, with growing incidence of stolen or lost mobile phones, you never know when it might be useful!
  3. The most common use now is when buy a new mobile phone and exchange you old phone. Typically websites like Amazon or Flipkart which offer phone exchange will ask you to feed in the IMEI number, then they will back test and analyze your IMEI and give you a provisional mobile exchange pricing. Also the order is locked with this IMEI number which the vendor will check while exchanging the phone to ensure it is the same for which the rate was quoted.

And to get all the information right – try the IMEI Number Analysis – If you know the IMEI code of a mobile phone, you can now check all known information regarding manufacturer, model type, date and country of approval. Amazing!

NOTE: This article is for information purposes only. Please do not post personal details about your lost phone and IMEI numbers in comments as they will be deleted. You need to contact your mobile service provider for more details. On a related note… Also check the SAR value of your phone.

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