Virtual Keyboards Can Protect Against Keyloggers, Spyware

Virtual Keyboards can protect against Keyloggers and Spyware. It is not safe to enter personal data, passwords and secret information on public computers and internet cafes, because someone might have installed spyware which could track your keystrokes like keyloggers.

I am sure of the security of my computer by periodic running of antispyware tools and antivirus software. But in public computers like those at internet cafes, libraries etc. you cannot be sure some keylogger is recording your keystrokes. These software can secretly monitor and get a detailed record of whatever you type and it does not need much effort to track your passwords and other secure information.

You cannot always get hold of a anti-keylogger or keylogger removal sofware. In such situations I use the virtual on-screen keyboard to type my secure personal information like usernames and passwords.

Use Virtual Keyboards

Have you seen the virtual on-screen keyboard found on my Windows XP. This keyboard can be accessed from Start>All Programs>Accessories> Accessibility>On-Screen Keyboard in windows XP.

The main purpose of this keyboard is for mobility impaired users (who cannot type on the keyboard due to disability, but can use the mouse)

I enter the usernames and passwords using this keyboard and even if there are any spyware logging keystrokes, they will not get hold of my private information. Why? because you will enter this information by mouse clicks and not keystrokes.

virtual keyboard

This screenshot above shows how this virtual keyboard is being used for my gmail login. Once I login, I type emails as I normally do. This works not only for online form filling, but also for all offline activities, because keyloggers will not rest and track all keystrokes.

I highly recommend that you use this technique for safety and privacy of your information on public computers. It takes a little effort, is free and easily accessible from you computer with no extra download. Better be safe than sorry!

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