RssFwd Emails Feeds to Your Inbox

RssFwd allows anyone to subscribe to any RSS / Atom feed and receive the updates in their email inbox. This gives all the functionality of your email program like you can assign priorities, rules, filters, color-coding or whatever functionality your email program supports. Also useful to people who have PDAs or smart phones without web access.

rssfwd email RSS service

Its a good solution to offer for your blog readers who dos not remember to regularly visit your blog, nor do they use a news aggregator like bloglines to keep track of your posts.  RssFwd checks every two hours (6-12 hours for heavy traffic sites) to see if content has been added to your feeds and you’ll get the content of the feed item as an email. The Subject: displays as the article title and the Sender as the feed’s name.

Just fill in your email address and you can get subscribed to the atom or RSS feed via email. A small logo on your blog directs users to a page where they can easily subscribe to your feed. This seems a more convenient option to other services like Bloglet. But, Bloglet is a popular email subscription service with many more powerful ways to manage email content.

My only concern seems to be that if you post very frequently during the day, email subscribers may get multiple emails per day. This is good for users who may want to keep track of your posts as they get online. But maybe some users may not wish such multiple posts per day. But since most bloggers get down to blogging at one period of time daily, this should not be a problem. For less frequent publishers, like one post a week, this would seem to be an ideal option to keep visitors coming back.

So even if they users do not regularly visit your site, or use news readers, but still wish to keep track of your posts, this seems to be a very useful tool. I am adding this to my blog, and will let you know how it worked out.

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