Headphone Extension Cable : Useful Television Accessory

Why would someone talk about a Headphone extension cable / cord? Well because it is a headphones accessory which I had clearly overlooked and now has turned out very useful in my daily life.

It is simply a extension cable to prolong the length of the headphone wires from the usual 30cm-1m uptil 4-6m or longer. (with a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) plug and a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) jack at either end) So you can just plug your extension cable jack at one end into the television or music system and other end into any headphones.

You choose which headphones to use with ear cups, dynamic stereo, cushioned pads and volume control or any other feature you want. Enjoy watching television reclining on your easy chair or bed without disturbing others. You can use this also for listening your hi-fi music when your bulky music system is far away.

I always had a fight with my spouse who wanted to study and I wanted to watch my favourite television serial, but it was impossible to attach the small haedphone wire and watch in front of a 29′ TV. So I found this very useful.

And if 4-6 m is too small for you, just connect as many extension cables as you want to get the desired length. Simple.

Of course there are dedicated branded headphones with volume control, good acoustics available for use with television which have a 6 m cord length and can be easily attached to the television (not to forget the cordless headphones too), but they are expensive.

This headphone extension cord is a very cheap television accessory that lets you watch television or listen to your favourite music without distrubing others. You decide the length convinient to you and the quality of headphones you need. Try it!

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