Pixel Homepages: New Internet Advertising Craze

More Pixel Homepages for advertising! It all started with the Million Dollar Homepage – an advertising idea which sold each of the million pixels for $1 each.

And just as we speak it has been a advertising success with its owner Alex Tew saying “in just 3 weeks I have made enough money to pay for all 3 years of University!” As of now he has sold 41600 pixels, which means he has earned $41600 and he deserved it for the original idea he has started. The advertisers seem to have been hooked by the idea, even though you need to buy a block of 10×10 pixels, with a minimum investment of $100. But with all the traffic coming in, the advertisers and webmaster both benefit.

Pixel Homepages

Well it has started a lot of activity with new such dollar and penny homepages at cheaper rates comming up.

  • Million Dollar Homepage – the pioneer which sells a million pixels for $1 each (minimum 100 pixels block= $100).
  • Zero Dollar Homepage – Offers pixels for free! Well non pixel ads are paid. If he gets enough traffic, I am sure such paid advertisers will come in.
  • Million Dollar Webpage – a similar concept with 10000 squares worth $100 each. FAQ says it is “an experiment in internet marketing in terms of generating web site traffic and testing an alternative ad format. The site is also offering advertisers a chance to be a part of internet history.”
  • Million Penny Homepage – A cheaper version selling a million pixels at 1 penny each. So a minimum 10×10 block costs $1.
  • Million Euro Homepage – It is also based on selling one million pixels. For just one euro per pixel you can buy some of these pixels to display an image of your choice.
  • Million Dollar Pixel – 1 million pixels of internet ad space for $10 a pixel block. Linking your company/brand name or slogan to another name on the board will mean half the price of that block will be donated to charity.
  • One Million Pixels – Each 10×10 block costs $5. A portion of each pixel sold will donated to the Red Cross.
  • Dollar a Pixel – Each pixel for sale at $1 each, with a minimum purchase of 50 pixels. Maximum of 800×600 pixels for sale which will be online for 2 years.
  • MiljoenPixels.nl – In Dutch. Logos of minimum 20×20 pixels available for 100 euros. Online till 2010 at least.
  • Ebay Pixels – a million pixels for eBay sellers. It “aims to show only live sellers, who actually sell, so we reserve the right to resell space purhased if you would not sell any item for 90 days” and it links to all their items for sale. Each 10×10 block costs only 10 pounds (GBP).
  • Million Dollar Mosaic – The Million Dollar soup can on the main page is made up of 10,000 smaller cans. A permanent link of 10×10 pixels costs $100.
  • The Peoples Vehicle – 480,000 pixels of advertising space sold at $1.00 a pixel in blocks of 100. Purpose – to buy a new car. You also choose a brand of vehicle – the more pixels you purchase the more your vote counts! The front page shows how many votes each brand has.
  • AdSquares – Each square is 20×20 pixels and priced depending on the quantity (with discounts). The maximum cost is $5 per square.
  • 250000.org – four 10×10 pixel box for $100 and have a chance to win $25,000.
  • Australian Million Dollar Homepage – Each single block (10×10 pixels) costs $100.00 (AUD)
  • Half-a-buck Pixels – buy a 10×10 pixel block at $0.50 per pixel.
  • Million Yuan Homepage – sell 1 million pixels to collect 1 million yuan (=$125,000 in US dollars). 100 pixels minimum.
  • Links Across America – Plots are sold in 10 pixel x 10 pixel squares (100 pixels total) on the US map. Business Sites $100, Church Sites $20, Personal Sites $20. To purchase a plot in a state, you must prove that you’re actually located in that state.

Lets see how far this new idea in internet marketing and advertising goes. But the original has made $40000+ and the pixels are selling fast as I write this… I am starting a list here which I will update. Please free to suggest more such sites in comments.

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