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Ever wonder what Google Adsense ads are being shown for a particular webpage in US or the UK or India? We know that Google Adsense is a form of contextual advertising, meaning that ads are targetted to your content. They are also geotargeted to your visitor location, such that ads shown in Canada or India are different. Google AdSense preview tool lets you select a geo-targeted location for which to display ads. Selecting Auto from the menu will show ads targeted to your current location.

The ads displayed in the AdSense preview tool are sample ads, based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering. The AdSense preview tool respects the block list of the publisher on whose page you’ve clicked. If your ad code is nested within frames, you may need to right-click from within the frame containing your code.

The benefit is that clicks and impressions from the preview tool are not applied to the advertiser’s account. You can click through to the target site without worrying about invalid clicks being generated on your account. So you can visit the ads which display on your site.

You can then easily copy and paste the URLs into your account’s competitive ad filter list to block any undesired ads. The Choose Options menu lets you select different ad formats and geo-targeted locations for the ads displayed within the preview tool. The Choose Colors menu allows you to preview new colors and temporarily apply the color selections to any existing standard ad unit on the current web page.

The limitation is that the Adsense preview tool is only available for Windows versions of Internet Explorer version 6 and above. To install it, you’ll need to add a registry file to your Windows system and is available here.

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UPDATE: Google AdSense preview tool is now discontinued by Google.

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