Gollum Wikipedia Browser

If you are a fan of Wikipedia, then you may like the Gollum Browser to browse the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Gollum is a Wikipedia Browser for fast browsing through the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Gollum Wikipedia Browser

Gollum gives you access to nearly all Wikipedias in all languages with some special features to make usage of Wikipedia easier. It was created by Harald Hanek in 2005 using PHP and Ajax and was often used to unblock Wikipedia in censored states.

And what runs behind the browser

“Gollum is based on PHP and Javascript using XMLHttp request for communication, better known as Ajax. That means, there is no need for databases and the code is ready for PHP5. Therefore, the client is only required to use a browser like Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Netscape or Safari with activated Javascript. Safari has yet to be tested.”

gollum wikipedia browser

Upon clicking “Start Gollum Browser” – It runs is a new window in Firefox for me, allows you to add dedicated Wikipedia Bookmarks in a sidebar, get to the homepage quick, and seems a Gollum browser beta download would be available soon! Of course there are more ways to download Wikipedia.

Update: From 2017, Gollum Browser is no longer available online.

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