How to Convert Handwriting to True Type Fonts

Its easy to convert Handwriting to True Type Fonts. We all use fonts in out daily word processing activities, most commonly Times New Roman or Arial, but could you personalize it further by converting your handwriting into a usable font on your computer.

Handwriting to True Type Fonts

handwriting fontsI went looking and found several font converting and font creation services that convert scanned images of your handwriting to a true type font for a small price. For starters, Fontifier lets you use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer by converting a scanned template of letters of your handwriting into a handwriting font that you can use in your word processor or graphics program, just like regular fonts. If you like the preview, buy it and download it immediately.

Another service I saw was the Font Garden’s handwriting to font service. If you do not have a scanner facility, you can send your template papers by regular post mail to their address, and you can also sell your font after it’s completed, get a discount earn profits on every sale your font generates as per their terms.

And there are many similar services which let you send your handwriting by email or by post, and get a font attached by email. Most offer options to use most commonly used characters useful for printed (non-cursive) styles. Others offer a Signature Service that allows you to add your signature and some allow a realistic cursive effect that is a very near to your handwriting.

Remember: these fonts will work only on whichever computer they are installed. They are good for printing personalized documents and stationary from your attached printer also.

But… Do not send documents with these fonts across on electronic media like CDs, floppies, email or the web. Simply because the other person who opens these documents does not have the same font installed on their computer or printer and will interpret it as a badly resized default font like Arial or Times New Roman, which might make your beautifully designed font look bad. Similarly if you decide to add the font to your website, it will look bad since the surfers computer will not have the font installed and will show the default font. So better add this font as images to your site so all see it as you want it to.

I have not tried either of these services till now. You should verify if they will produce true type fonts and if they will work on both PC and Mac. At least you can try to fontify your handwriting or signature to add a personal touch to your printed documents.

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