Find Nokia Mobile Phone Firmware Version : Upgrade to Fix Errors

Simply put, Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device. If you own a Nokia mobile phone, you can check the firmware of your cell phone.

Simply type the text *#0000# into your mobile phone and see what happens… What I get when type this text in my Nokia phone is
Nokia 6030
V y3.41
(c) Nokia
The first line shows the model number of your nokia phone. A simple way to find the phone model if you dont remember its number anymore.

The second line V y3.41 shows the version of the firmware. This is the software on which your mobile runs. Occasionally Nokia releases firmware updates for certain phone models. If you are experiencing trouble with your phone that appears to be firmware related, contact your local Nokia Care service center for professional support to see if an update is available and if it is covered by warranty. If you constantly get errors, your phone hangs etc, maybe you might benefit from an upgrade if available. But firmware upgrades come with a warning, that they might not always work! So be sure what you are doing.

The third line signifies 22-07-05 is the date of the software release and RM-74 is the model type (not sure). And the last stands for copyright Nokia.

So if you like upgrading your software often to keep the latest, or your mobile firmware is giving problems, check the firmware and try it out on your Nokia mobile.


  1. ike says:

    please i need a code to upgrade my nokia 6600 firmware

  2. Wayne says:

    If anyone can help PLEASE. I have a Nokia 6280, I tried upgrading the firmware as I had errors. During the instalation, was prompted to remove battery, then switch the phone on again. The phone will not even switch on. CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE????

  3. Chirag says:

    I have a restart problem. my phone is running very slowly.

  4. Venkatesh says:

    Please help me. My 6681 phone is automaticaly restart. Please submit for update version.

  5. Najiv says:

    my nokia 6670 want a flash but i cannot find the firnware for it please help asap by visiting and send me a update please.

    • vamsikrishna says:

      hey just turn off your mobile and switch on your mobile by pressing the keys (dial*3).your phone will now work correctly

  6. Naseer says:

    try this code *#7370# if the problem occur’s again then flash the mobile by using the following steps
    1>switch off ur phone
    2>then press there 3 buttons call(the green button),the star button(*) and 3
    3>keep on holding these 3 button’s and switch on the phone,dont leve the buttons till formating sign appeares no the screen

  7. akbar says:

    please send to me firmware nokia 6030 latest, thanks.

  8. Doyo says:

    please send me firmware of nokia 7500,the screen doesn’t work properly ,

  9. daniel butler says:

    I use the media player for podcasts. On my Nokia 6300 I would be able to move forward within one mp3 file or backwards in case i didnt hear something.

    My new Nokia 6303 Classic has a mediaplayer without this one small attribute.

    Can anyone describe how 1) i could download an older version, 2) a different media player, or 3) a version of media player with this feature? Perhap an update?

  10. Richard says:


    I found a firmware for my nokia 6030, and have a datacable the ca45.
    My question :how to put the firmware in the phone ?
    please help

    • Ammad says:

      You can use the Nokia Software Updater. It’s simple and easy
      1. download the nokia software updater from nokia site for your respective fone model and install it.
      2. Connect your fone using cable as nokia software updater does not support the bluetooth connectivity.
      3. then Update the Mobile software.

      But few important points to keep take care of.
      1- Do no use your mob will the update is in progress.
      2- Ensure that the battery is full. If its not then put it on a charger but be sure that the there is an uninterrupted power supply to the fone.
      3- Your fone might goes to blank screen during an update be patient it happens some times.



  11. Rith says:

    when i play music by phone nokia 7500 why it have error. it mean have interrupted sound of music.i want to update firmware fro this phone to fix error

  12. joan says:

    how can i find the firmware for anokia 5800 expressmusic

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