Send Email Messages in Future

Would you like to send an email in future to yourself or your friend, such that it is delivered at a future date like on 1st January 2010 … several unique email services make it possible.

Free Future Email Services

Here is a small collection such future emailing services…

  • FutureMe – Specify the email address, subject, message and the date to be sent in the future. The drop menu shows the last year as 2036. You can also keep the email private or as a anonymous public one. No registration needed.
  • FutureMail – lets you send yourself reminders, notes, or any information you want to have in the future. You can even share your future items in a public RSS feed or your own FutureMail Blog. Registeration required.
  • Forbes Email Time Capsule – was designed as an experiment to allow readers to communicate with their “future selves.” and seems to be no longer available for more emails. “On Nov. 30, 2005, we sealed the time capsule, and copies of the application and data are now saved at Yahoo! and at Codefix Consulting.”

Before you send an email in future, ponder this…
Will these services exist till the period you want the email to be sent?
What is the guarantee that your email will be delivered?
What if your email address changes?
Do you trust your private / personal messages get into the right hands in future?

If there are other such services, let me know in comments and I will add them here. If you seem convinced – send a email in future this new year eve!


  1. Charles says:

    Another site that does this is Registration is not required but free. You can select the future date and time that emails are to be sent, and they can be edited before then. When registered, you can set your local time zone, and have the return address on emails sent as your own.

  2. says:

    Another one is Also gives you option of “Unsending” messages.

  3. sendtopast says:

    ..:: Send 2 Past ::.. Send, mail, to, past, change, your, life,

  4. John says:

    Another one is, which lets you schedule emails as well as SMS and Social Network messages.

  5. Jarod says:

    There is also L8R (later), Cron Mail (fr), 2067 (fr)

  6. Deepak Jois says:

    There is a new service called Deferred Sender that allows you to send emails in the future, from your existing email client without needing to use a web interface. Visit for more information.

  7. My Future Mail says:

    I found one more service

    There are a lot of them.

  8. Reply says:

    anyone can tell me where to get the script in PHP??

  9. Vadik says:

    If you’re using Outlook you should also try Boomerang for e-mail reminders. It’s a plugin that lets your right click on your email and choose when you want to get back to it. Completely secure.

  10. Alix says:

    Has anyone found one that will send you an email on a random date in the future (within a range)?

  11. Ponygirl says:

    try: (but their name is in the headers)
    do a test on yourself first. (sometimes their name is in the headers sometimes not)
    do a test on yourself first.
    you can pick specific times and dates.
    plus if you have a account you can attach the subtext and you’ll know when or even if you email was read.
    If anyone knows any others please let me know.

  12. ender saraç says:

    thank you man…

  13. Ljubo says:

    526 458 685 127

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