How to Hide, Disable, Remove Blogger Navbar

How can you hide, disable or remove the Blogger Navbar, a navigation and search bar on top of all blogspot blogs on Blogger. Blogger navbar has several useful features and different colours, but sometimes it may not blend with your template, and give you an unprofessional design.

Many bloggers have asked me how to remove this Blogger navbar. Remember, Blogger Navbar can be disabled for users publishing via FTP as per Blogger Terms of service. For free Blogger users, not publishing via FTP, you cannot disable the Navbar. So it is best to confirm with Blogger support that you can indeed hide the Navbar before proceeding to do so. You do not want your blog banned by them for such a small issue. I take no responsibility for the same.

Navbar in Blogger FTP Blogs

Now if you are publishing by FTP, some tips are available on other websites to which I point you.

Turn off the Blogger Navbar – the best and official way – Go to Template, and now a new option “OFF” appears in the drop down list of “Change the Blogger NavBar”. Just select it and republish your blog.

To hide it in custom templates published via FTP is add style="margin-top:40px;" to the topmost element of your Template. (i.e. <table> would become <table style="margin-top:40px;">)

Hide Blogger Navbar in Custom Themes

For all other custom themes, the best way to hide the blogger navbar is add the following code to the HEAD section of your blog HTML.

<style type="text/css">
#navbar-iframe {
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