Blogger FTP Publishers Can Hide / Remove Navbar

If you look on top there is a Blogger Navbar on all blogspot blogs which allow post searches, quick BlogThis! blogging, navigation and flagging tools. But can you hide or remove this navbar?

I had indicated caution in an earlier post to avoid violation of Blogger terms of service. But no clear guidelines were available. If it were acceptable, they would have an option on the blogger dashboard or Blogger Search would reveal many such ways.

Now if you read the latest official Blogger information about the Navbar, it clearly states that “The Navbar appears on all freely-hosted Blog*Spot blogs, but can be disabled for users publishing via FTP.” The message is clear – Unless you publish your blog via FTP, the Navbar cannot be disabled.
They suggest you can add style="margin-top: 40px;" to the topmost element of your Template in case of any errors.

I think that puts all speculation at rest. For free Blogger users, not publishing via FTP, you cannot disable the Navbar! Of course you can contact Blogger Help for more information.

Update : If you are still having problem removing the navbar – see How to Hide and Remove the Blogger Navbar – details the code tweaks required.

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