How to Speed up Windows and Make it Faster

How to make Windows run faster? We all usually run are Windows operating system on default settings. There are several hidden tweaks and tools known to developers which can make your speed up Windows and make it run faster. has an excellent and comprehensive article with a huge number of detailed tips to Make Your Windows Fast As Never Before! And some of the tips they recommend are –

  1. Disable indexing services
  2. Optimise display settings
  3. Disable performance counters
  4. Speedup folder browsing
  5. Improve memory usage
  6. Optimise your internet connection
  7. Optimise your pagefile
  8. Run bootvis – improve boot times
  9. Remove the desktop picture
  10. Remove fonts for speed
  11. Disable unnecessary services
  12. Turn off system restore
  13. Defragment your pagefile
  14. Speedup folder access – disable last access update
  15. Disable system sounds
  16. Improve boot times
  17. Improve swapfile performance
  18. Make your menus load faster
  19. Make programs load faster
  20. Improve xp shutdown speed
  21. Speed up boot times
  22. Free up memory
  23. Ensure xp is using dma mode
  24. Add correct network card settings
  25. Remove annoying delete confirmation messages
  26. Disable prefetch on low memory systems”

See the detailed article on how you can fix up each of these Windows settings and get the power software to tweak the rest to speed up Windows.

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