Sify Broadband Internet Connection Tools and Clients

If you use a Sify Broadband Internet Connection in India, and start to download a big file overnight or perform no activity for a long time, your Sify internet account automatically times out and logs you out. So how can you perform unlimited downloads…

Sify Limited is an ISP which provides 24-7 always on Internet connections. Some cool tools help to keep your Sify Broadband High speed internet connection logged in for as long as you want.

  1. SuperSify is a Sify Broadband Client by InfernalProteus. It is a simple console based client which you can use to log into your Sify Broadband account. Currently, it exists only for Win32 systems and being a standalone client, does not require Sify’s Client to work.
  2. EasySify is an alternative broadband authentication client (Alternative Sify Broadband Client) for users of Sify Broadband Internet connections. Currently EasySify is available as Windows GUI / Linux Shell under the GNU – General Public License.
  3. Sify Guard is an add-on for SuperSify particularly useful if worried about the 150 MB per day limit. It controls your daily data transfer and informs you the result through a statistics chart. You have a couple of ways to control your daily limit.

Beside keeping your connection alive, these tools also control autologin, autologout, bandwidth calculating, stats, Idle Connection Detection, data flow, MAC address detection, heartbeat interval…

So check these clients which pick up the connection as and when it becomes available again so that your Sify downloads can continue..

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