Google Adsense for Parked Domain Names

Google AdSense for parked domains allows domain name registrars and large domain name holders to deliver targeted, conceptually related keywords and advertisements to parked domain name pages.

Google AdSense for domains’s powerful semantic technology dynamically analyzes domain names and displays targeted ads and related searches based on the meaning of the domain name. The ads are derived from the Google AdWords network.

adsense for domains

AdSense for domains customers redirect traffic from parked domain names to the AdSense for domains service, which returns formatted HTML that includes contextual ads and related searches and even XML output for large customers.

Your network of sites should generate 750,000 page views per month to be eligible for the AdSense for domains service. This a unique way to make extra money from your parked domain names. I suppose several big domain name registrars are already using this service.


  1. RyanR says:

    I think sedo using this feature for all parked domains. but the outcome is not that great :(

  2. Online Bpo says:

    Thanks for the great share!! i was wondering that is it against adsense tos to promote a parked domain? like suppose i was having website and i have a good amount of traffic on and i create a parked domain with adsense there. But reading this helped me solving the doubt and confusion. Thanks.

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