New Gmail Pictures : Put a Face to a Name

Gmail, the popular Google free email service recently launched another nice feature called Gmail Pictures which lets you add a picture to names of contacts.

User-selected pictures show up when you roll over a name in your inbox, Contacts, or Quick Contacts list. You can choose your own photo for yourself and for your contacts, suggest a photo for a contact to use, or see what your friends have selected for themselves.

Gmail pictures can be configured
to show to all users who you email or who email you, or they can be limited to only those users who are able see when you’re online. You can see a full list of users who can see your online status from the All Contacts tab of your Contacts page, they’ll be listed with a colored ball next to their name.

After login, go to your settings page to set up Gmail Pictures as per your preferences. You can select your picture that other Gmail users will see when you email them. You also have an option to only show pictures that you choose for contacts and the pictures your contacts select for themselves will not be displayed.

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