Strange Alternative Keyboard Designs

What do you look for when you buy a keyboard? There are many keyboard designs available than you can think about.

I am sure you have heard about the keyboard with blank keys! The Das Keyboard for UberGeeks which uses Blank Keys for Faster Typing…

das keyboard

We all use QWERTY keyboards usually. This stands for thr top left letters you see on your keyboard. There is whole community which uses Dvorak keyboards – claimed to be a much faster, easier, more efficient, and comfortable alternative to QWERTY .

I use Virtual Keyboards when using public computers to protect against Keyloggers & Spyware. Have you tried your own Windows on screen virtual keyboard. Basically an accessibility feature, it can provide lot of safety and protect your privacy online.

And check this huge alternative keyboards gallery which shows different types of keyboards with adjustable and split QWERTY, and different ergonomic designs.

Just when you were wondering all is safe, keyboards can affect your health by transmitting disease. Read more about how Computer Keyboards Spread Infections and Bacteria.

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