Free Hosting of Favatars and Favicons at MyFavatar

A favicon is an essential add on to you blog or website which highlights your brand in all the right places like the browser url bar, bookmarks, favourites, desktop icons, folders and RSS news aggregators etc. (see my favicon beside the url in the location bar, or the firefox tab).

If you have purchased your own web hosting, then favicon hosting is not a problem. But if you are on a free blogging platform like Blogger, then most free image hosting services let you host jpg, gif or png files, but do not allow you to host favicons which are icon .ico files.

This service is now provided by MyFavatar which provides free hosting of favatars and favicons. A favatar is your favicon displayed on another website and is a visual representation (avatar) of a person associated with the website. A favatarZ is a social-blogmarking blogroll with favicons.

They host 32×32 PNG and ICO image that works in almost all browsers, while a 32×32 image gives you the flexibility on the size of favatar you want to display in your blog comments. Get the Favatars wordpress plugin that enables each comment / pingback / trackback to be accompanied by the website favicon. Favicon Movable Type plugin adds favicons to comments and trackbacks. Amaze your readers!

Get a Favicon for your blog. Even Google Adsense was earlier testing Adsense favicon ads. I designed and created my own Favicon by Microangelo Icon Editor. You can create FavIcon from Pics.


  1. Alida Weber says:

    Your article, Free hosting of Favatars and Favicons at MyFavatar said that MyFavatar accepts uploads in the .ico format. This is the only type of favicon that I want to use. So I registered at that site, but then I found out that it accepts only a few types of file uploads, not including .ico files. This is absolutely useless to me, and I don’t like to be registered at sites that I have no plans to participate in. Is there any way to de-register from MyFavatar?

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I just checked the FAQ again and it still says “We are hosting 32×32 PNG and ICO image.”

  3. Bren says:

    IT STILL DOES NOT TAKE .ico. Very Frustrated. I set up a useless account- what a waste of time.

  4. hendra says:

    MyFavatar website can’t open???

  5. korean translator says:

    I can not open too, any new site?

  6. Shrek says:

    Alternative free favicon hosting, generator
    Icon J

    Before adding the following code to your Blogger template- just before in your template HTML-change the imagehost URL located in single inverted comma. (Ctrl+F for search bar)

  7. proactol says:

    Thanks on info about free favicon hosting. I was wandering how to put favicon on my blogger blog.

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