Google WiFi Offers Free Wireless Internet in Mountain View

Google WiFi is a free wireless Internet service offered in the city of Mountain View, California, as part of Google’s ongoing community outreach efforts. These are some of the prime advantages of living in the Google hometown where Mountain View users can now select the “GoogleWiFi” signal, open their web browser and sign in with a free Google Account.

All you need to access Google WiFi is a WiFi-enabled device, such as a laptop computer, a web browser, and a Google Account. There are no set-up or activation fees for using Google WiFi. Check out the map about the location of Google WiFi nodes in Mountain View, CA.

Google WiFi network is primarily an outdoor network (which means to make it work indoors, you need a Wifi modem). An exception to this is the Mountain View Public Library, where interior WiFi access points ensure good coverage throughout the building.

Read these FAQ for more information on how to get free high speed wireless internet connection on your laptop.

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