Top 10 Sites to Find Best Indian Bloggers

Is there a list of best Indian bloggers. Where can you submit or add India blogs? Are there any India blog directories?  I have been asked by several Indian blogger friends to suggest some nice sites where they can submit their India blogs to get some recognition in the Indian blogosphere.

I suggest these few sites which keep an updated profile of Indian blogs. Remember that Indian content is essential to get listed. There are hundreds of sites which will let you submit an Indian blog, these are a few popular ones and worth a link…
Indian Blogger

Add Site to Indian Directory

Add your site to long lists of Indian sites often organized by category.

  • IndiBlogger –  Organizes Indian bloggers by categories, cities and integrates an active blogging community. A definitive site to add your blog, submit your top posts and get voted up for free traffic.
  • Kamat Blog Portal – is a listing of Indian weblogs. You can suggest your blog for inclusion. Their spider “Narad” comes visiting and will suggest the chances of your inclusion. You need to provide a link back. Be sure to have some India related content.
  • India Blogs – Listing Indian Bloggers by blogging niche, compiled by Amit Agarwal. It has an extensive compilation of Indian blogs and you should add your site there.
  • India Bloggers Ring – For those who like networking within sites, try the concept of webrings. Add a code, and people interested in Indian bloggers will surf around the webring.
  • Technorati India Blogs – You can claim your blog, add an India tag and you will get listed in the technorati Indian blogs listing.
  • Best Blogs in Asia – you can submit your blog here and they will verify if you deserve to be one of the best Indian / Asian blogs and add you. Link back optional.
  • Blogflux India Directory – another directory listing Indian blogs.

Submit Feed to India News Aggregators

These news aggregators track your feed to display the latest stories you are blogging about.

  • Enewss – Indian blog aggregator. Features breaking news in several topical categories.
  • India Tech Bloggers – a Feedburner network sourcing feeds of top Indian technology bloggers. Apply if you fit, but selection by invitation.
  • Indiasphere – tracking the pulse of the Indian blogosphere. Preselected blogs by category.
  • Blogadda – provides Indian bloggers a platform to showcase their blogs.

I hope you liked these few sites which will add your India blog for free and help you provide free backlinks to enhance your pagerank. If you feel I missed some popular site, please add it to comments.

Want to truly get recognition in the Indian blogosphere? Get nominated for a Indibloggies, the Indian Desi Blog Awards.


  1. djakeel says:

    No or other bookmarking sites?

  2. Himanshu Nautiyal says:

    While these are great sites to list your entire blog, I think there is greater value in having individual posts be listed at one place. Reddit has been driving some great traffic to specific blogs – I think,,, probably get very significant shares of their traffic from reddit.

    Which is why we at RHR Networks (we run have launched the reddit for India at – check it out and submit your blog entries!

  3. Amit Agarwal says:

    You might want to add to this list.

  4. Debashish says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Indibloggies :)

  5. yuva says:

    very very surprised, you haven’t listed 2005 winners for best indian blog directory..
    * DesiPundit
    * IndiBloggers
    * Narad
    * Sampada
    and most of the site you have mentioned, didnt have volume close to these site.

  6. IndiaSphere says:

    IndiaSphere – india blog aggregator, top blogs list

  7. vijay says:

    Thanks for the list for particular Indian directory listings.

  8. Arman says:

    There’s a new directory of Indian Blogs with cool “IndiBlogger” badges to display on your blog. looks cool.

    We’ve just launched a directory of Indian Blogs (we’re different from the rest) so please do add your blog and grab a badge to display on your site. Thanks!

  9. Rambhai says:

    There is of course for active discussions on India related blogs and stories.

  10. Maria says:

  11. sai krishna says:

    submit your websites and blogs at we are only indias adsense revenue sharing site we share 75% percent of revenue with our users who submit there stories.earn more revenue from your adsense id ……

  12. rajeev saxena says:

    This is intresting Indian news site ( If you want you can freely link with this site. It will help to get upper rank in search. Agranews is a popular site among diaspora Indian

    Good luck


  13. Website Design Tips says:

    Great Job! nice collection of data for promoting a blog in India. Can you suggest Indian site where we can create a bolg excxept rediff

  14. Surgical equipment exporter says:

    i think it,s great to have indian blogs in the list.

  15. rsudher says:

    You might want to add to this list.

  16. Punit Pandey says:

    You missed, the most popular Hindi Blogs Aggregator.

  17. Akash says:

    Good work compiling this list. I get good traffic from, its not included? Maybe they are new!

  18. amit says:

    You can submit your blogs here:

    Blogs in this site is dedicated to indians.

  19. laila says:

    Indiblogger is a good site. Even blogger is working well if we get ad-sense on our blogs then nothing is better then this.

  20. Ashok says:

    Can some one suggest me the best b2b blog site in india

  21. Saikiran Pamanji says:

    I have added my blog to indiblogger, after reading this post. Immediately i get some traffic. Thanks

  22. John Dealdunia says: is a new site…..

  23. priya mathur says:

    Certainly.. you have missed one great site.. it has been working for 5 long years and ranks best amongst many that you have listed.

    check out I would request you to let this have a place in your list.

  24. Raj Express says:


  25. Rajeev Gupta says:

    Good indian blogs to submit your blog and blog feed.

  26. Aanya Rajput says:

    Thanks for such a lovely list. Before reading this article I only knows about the IndiBlogger but now knows many others too thanks for this list.

  27. Anita Bhardwaj says:

    Wow I need many others like these blog sharing websites and finally got them but having a sort of problem with Technorati

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  29. paparao says:

    This is very useful article to who are looking for indian Blogs..

  30. DenRic Denise says:

    Quite a nice list if you want to increase your ranking in India. Also a lot added from the comments.

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