Which Pundit Blogs Do You Read?

If you look around, Pundit blogs or punditblogs are getting more popular around the blogsphere. I was inspired by Pundit blogs as they usually have Pundit as part of their name and ‘Pundit‘ means an expert or knowledgeable person, an authority with opinion.

But Pundit blog is a more standard blog terminology as I learnt. ets have a look at what is a Pundit blog? A blog focused on news punditry with assessment of stories currently running in the established media.

Pundit Blogs

Possibly the best known and by far most popular of the pundit blogs is the Instapundit – an online opinion magazine from Glenn Reynolds. If you have never heard about it, you will when you get instalanched (that is the term for the sudden overwhelming burst of traffic which crashes your web server and finishes your web hosting bandwidth, if Instapundit graciously points a link in your direction).

Look around for political discourses at the Rude Pundit. Another one called Polipundit talks about “Elections and politics with a Conservative bent”. The Daily Pundit is trying to create rationales in an irrational world. Weekend Pundit is talking of opinions and politics like ‘New England Yankees’ can do. The Latino Pundit is born out of underrepresentation. There are many more like the Patio Pundit, Publius Pundit, and even Expresso Pundit. In fact, there are more politics blogs to look out for.

Not all is political stuff. Some Pundit named blogs like Businesspundit covers entrepreneurship, economics, finance, strategy, leadership and decision making, while Triple Pundit is thinking of an ‘integrated bottom-line’ approach to looking at business from the next generation of MBAs.

Indian readers love following the Indian group blog Desipundit, blogging breaking news and events around the the Indian blogosphere. The Mobilepundit guides your through the Indian mobile phones revolution. I got to know about Asiapundit when they hosted the best asia blog awards.

This is just an introductory list and of course there are many more wonderful Pundit blogs which do not list pundit in their names. Which Punditblog do you read?

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