How to Remove Firefox Extensions Install Delay

Firefox extensions can truly power up your firefox web browser. But when you install an extension or click on an XPI file (for the extension), a confirmation dialog pops up with a short wait of a few seconds, preventing you from immediately confirming the install. Why is there this delay in installing firefox extensions, is it necessary and how to skip the delay…

First I point out that this install delay is incorportated in the extension installs because it is a security fix for a firefox bug. Its  not merely to force readers to read the alert, but is in place to deny untrusted content.

The more firefox extensions you play with, the more you want to remove the delay and more prone you are to the security issue.

Though it is not recommended, if you still want to remove the delay, there is a firefox extension called MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay, by Mel Reyes which disables default delay when installing extensions (part of more extensions to manage extensions).

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