NearlyFreeSpeech Webhosting : Pay For Actual Usage

Can you open a cheap webhosting account for as little as $0.25! is a web hosting provider with no monthly fees and an innovative pay only for what you use pricing model which is designed to be the most cost effective solution.

The principle is very simple – they charge for the amount of bandwidth and storage space your sites actually use and are automatically debited from your personal bandwidth account as they occur. If the actual usage costs only a few pennies, that is what you actually pay. Unlike other web hosting services which charge a monthly fees and provide a basic package of features, storage and bandwidth (which you may never actually use), at NearlyFreeSpeech there are no minimums, no monthly fees, and no long-term contracts. How much are the members paying.

How much do they charge?
Data Transfers (Bandwidth): $1.00 per gigabyte and
Disk Space (Storage): $0.01 per megabyte-month.

If your balance runs low, they notify you, and if your payment runs out, your web site hosting suspends automatically, till you decide to make a deposit again and get it online. Any unused balance can be easily refunded too. Read the FAQ carefully to see the catch, extra charges, what services are actually provided in the package. They have CGI support, PHP 4.x support, MySQL 4.1.x support and Full access: ssh, FTP, SFTP and more.

For small personal websites with little traffic, this might sound like a good web hosting deal to consider. After all why should you pay for features, bandwidth and storage which you might never use. You might also like to look at lifetime webhosting deals. I have no personal experience of using this service.

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