Laser Etching Laptops: Beautify Your Powerbook

Want to beautify you laptop, notebook or powerbook with a logo or image? Laser etching makes it possible to put any custom image on your powerbook.

Laser Etched LaptopI first saw a laser-etched Powerbook on TechEBlog. Recently I saw some more amazing photos of laser etched powerbooks on Lifehacker (where Gina designed a knot in Photoshop, dropped it onto a thumb drive as a .bmp file, and loaded it into Corel Draw, lined up the Apple in the space in the middle of the knot, and turned on the laser) with a surprise pic of Kevin Rose with a Digg logo etched laptop.

They point to how Make blog guys got “a $20,000 laser cutter on my 17″ Powerbook to etch a 19th-century engraving of a tarsier, a nocturnal mammal related to the lemur (also the vi book cover image, from O’Reilly)”. The technology behind this is the Epilog Laser – which provides Laser Engraving, Laser Cutting and Marking Systems.

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