5 Ways to Get Noticed for 9Rules Round 5 Selections

How to get noticed by 9Rules staff to join the network? The prestigious 9Rules blogging network will open its doors to welcome submissions for round 5 on October 25. Thousands of blogs are expected to send in their submissions, but only the very best will get invited to join 9Rules. Here are some quick tips to get your blog noticed before the submission date.

Become a 9Rules reader and Share the link love
Since you follow the 9rules blog, their network of sites and their developments so closely, set up one of these reader badges certifying that you are a 9rules reader. Send some site traffic their way and they might notice your blog in their referrer statistics and logs.

Is Tyme White Your Friend?
Facebook is “a social utility that helps people better understand the world around them”. If you are on Facebook, 9rules selector Tyme White suggests that if “you were smart” you could make her your friend so she could check out your site, before she wades through all those submissions.

Blog About 9Rules and Let them know
A cool feature about blogs is that when you blog about another blog, trackbacks (or pingbacks) ensure the blogger knows. Blog something interesting about 9rules and do not forget to use the trackback url to ping them. Trackbacks are published on their blogs, even above the comments, and they know you are talking about them. They might decide to give your blog a look.

Comment on the 9Rules blog
They post some great ideas, thoughts and suggestions on the official 9rules blog. You can participate in the active discussion and post some intelligent comments on their blog. Do not spam them or fill in your links. Someone might decide to look at the link behind your name. You might like to join the round 5 number guessing game.

Keep your blog ready now
This is the most important thing. You must prepare your blog now and not wait to spruce it up on 25th October. They might look into readers suggestions, previous round 4 submissions, and might already be tracking your blog via your feed. You must know what they are looking for and check out the Round 5 Q&A. I suggest you subscribe to the blog feed and keep track of excellent new suggestions they give like getting curb appeal and how not to irritate them.

Best of luck. Your blog will get only one quick look, and you should make your first impression a lasting one…

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.