Disable Tab Scrolling in Firefox 2

I recently tried Firefox 2 RC and missed the ability to open mutliple tabs (as many as I want) in a single window as seen in Firefox 1.5. I usually open 15-20 tabs at a time in Firefox and now they scroll to the side.

In Firefox 2, the if you open more tabs, the tabs have a fixed minimum width, such that further tabs scroll over on either side. There are arrows on the left and right side of the tab strip that let you scroll back and forth between their tabs. It is good in a way as you can easily see the tab titles and their close tab buttons. But I like all my tabs visible in one window with no scroll.

browser.tabs.tabMinWidth is the firefox configuration value that determines the narrowest a tab can become before the tab strip becomes scrollable to handle the overflow. You can select any positive integer value of pixels. The default value is 100.

Here is how to disable tabs scrolling

– Enter “about:config” in the url bar and go
– Scroll down to browser.tabs.tabMinWidth
– The default set value for this is 100.
– Double click on it, and change the value to “0” to disable tab scrolling totally
– Select a low value like 10 if you want scrolling when tabs get real small like 10px

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