Pros and Cons of Being Utube (Not Youtube)

There are benefits of being utube and not youtube! Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corporation specializes in buying and selling Used Tube Mills, Used Pipe Mills and Used Rollforming Machines. Their short and sweet domain name is Millions of users searching for the popular video sharing site Youtube land up at instead of

I read this interesting article at CNN Money about how the company has seen “its site knocked off line by millions of online searchers looking for video site”. They got an amazing 68 million hits in August.

Well there are disadvantages of getting untargeted site traffic, who come to share their video only to find tubes and pipes and search elsewhere. They turn up no sales and yet drain your web hosting bandwidth making your site unavailable, resulting in expensive webhosting costs.

And the pros are the amazing amount of free publicity and traffic your site generates due to a phonetically similar sounding domain name. Could this site have generated millions of free hits without this buzz (to which I am also contributing now).

Anyway when “ performed a Google search on the term “utube”, came up in the first” seems to have changed and Google seems to have fixed their site back to top now! Register your domain name with care to target your customers.

Update: Sues

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