2006 Search Blogs Awards: Nominations Open

Search Engine Journal will be hosting and holding the annual Search Blogs Awards 2006. Search Engine Journal has opened nominations for blogs to be included for this year’s Search Blogs Awards in the following categories:

Search Blogs Awards

* Best SEO Blog
* Best SEM Blog
* Best Search Agency Resource Blog
* Best Link Building Blog
* Best Social Media Blog
* Best Search Engine Corporate Blog (owned by the search engines)
* Best Contextual Advertising Blog
* Best Affiliate Marketing Blog
* Best Search Engine Community/Forum Blog
* Best Web 2.0 Blog
* Best Search Linkbait of 2006

Leave a comment there to nominate your favorite blogs, as many blogs as you want. Nominations will close on December 12 and voting will being on December 14, 2006. You might draw inspiration from the Search Blogs Awards 2005 nominations last year.

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