Google Audio Ads in Beta Tests : Adwords Radio Advertising

Google had acquired dMarc Broadcasting earlier this year and speculation has started that Google was going to push Google Adwords into radio advertising. Inside Adwords announces that the integration of the dMarc advertising platform into Google AdWords is complete and they have begun a U.S. beta test of Google Audio Ads with a small group of AdWords advertisers.

Google Audio Ads allows advertisers to create and manage radio advertising campaigns using Google AdWords. Ads offers detailed reporting, targeting by demographic, location, and station type, and provides easy access to the huge market reached by radio programming.

If you are in the US, you might have already heard these Google advertiser radio ads on the radio. If you a Google AdWords Advertiser and interested in participating future Google Audio Ads Beta tests, you can sign up here. They will only invite U.S. advertisers and provide English support.

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