John Chow Loves Quick Online Tips!

When I visited my blog front page, the top Google Adsense ad unit was staring at me with the title “I Love Quick Online Tips“, as I rubbed my eyes to wipe away any illusions and read further the ad description read “Your blog rocks! Keep up the great work! From John Chow dot com” and the url displayed “”

Here is what the ads look like …

Jon Chow loves QOT

Obviously it is a Adsense CPM ad and I am flattered. I am sure this ad got quite some clicks due to the sheer surprise value. I am sure regular readers would have clicked through to find who John Chow is. I might have been prompted to click too (against Adsense terms!), but John Chow is well known in the blogosphere and I regularly read his nice articles. Thanks John…

It seems John Chow was inspired by similar advertisements displaying on his blog.

Update: John Chow loves Darren Rowse too. Darren posts in comments that John has been doing such ads for some months and generating enough reader interest.

Update: When I added a second text adsense unit, found more John Chow love ads.

John Chow ads

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