Rediffmail Gets Unlimited Email Storage Space

Rediffmail users now has get Unlimited Email Storage Space! In an era when dial up internet connections were budding in India, Rediffmail was often advertised as “lightning fast” and indeed it was. Facing competition from other popular free email services like Gmail and Yahoo mail which periodically offer more extra email storage space, rediffmail decide to outdo the competition with unlimited email storage.

Techshout reports that India Ltd. announced that it has incorporated unlimited storage space on its email service Rediffmail. The announcement was made on a boat that took all present at the event for a ride in the Arabian Sea, off Gateway of India and the banners and balloons with the announcement were let loose.

“Rediffs offering of unlimited storage space enables users to store unlimited photos, music files, videos without worrying about deleting mails from inbox. Advanced search in Rediff mail enables users to manage unlimited storage space effectively and help retrieve relevant content as and when required. With unlimited storage space and non closure of ids, SMEs and Individuals need not use multiple email ids, Rediffmail id can become their permanent id”

Surprisingly the url redirects to the portal from where you can login via a form. Now that simple redirect provides more rediff portal pageviews from all millions of rediffmail email subscribers that login daily. This should start more competition amongst Indian email service providers. The consumer wins.

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