Shoemoney Charges $2500 per ReviewMe Paid Review

Are you still struggling to earn a few dollars of blog revenue per month? ReviewMe offers an opportunity to earn extra money by paid reviews. I just learnt that Shoemoney recently charged $2500 per blog review, and advertisers were willing to pay that huge fee too.

Shoemoney posted this review on his blog and his ReviewMe page reveals he indeed charges a huge $2500 per paid review!

Neil Patel, an evangelist for ReviewMe was surprised to see someone pay $2500 for a blog post, and did a quick interview with Shoemoney. While you wonder who will be willing to pay $2500 per review, the interview reveals he was requested 4 reviews at this rate and accepted only one as the rest were not not related to his topics making money online and affiliate marketing (he just declined reviews of $7500!).

I guess if you are popular enough, have enough readership and authority in your niche, you can charge any fee and advertisers are willing to pay your charge to spread the word. Big sites rule and they can bargain with web services to get a better deal.


  1. Thilak says:

    I bet, you can charge 500$ for a review here on QOT.

    Sadly, only 50$ for me.

  2. Jennifer says:

    $2500 could by 62 different reviews from me.

    You would think someone that has that sort of money to spend on ads would get 62 different reviews on different sites and it would get more readership than one on Shoemoney.

    (Note: I am not a Shoemoney reader, so they haven’t had a chance to sell me with that ad.)

  3. Jim Kukral says:

    You can charge what people will pay. Sometimes, just charging more makes it seem like it’s worth more?

  4. Paradores says:

    $2,500 is alot but when shoemoney gets 20,000 viewers a day thats less than 1 cent a view – which is a pretty low CPM for very targeted traffic if your site or product is related to online marketing.

  5. madrid says:

    20,000 viewers is about 200 visits and that is not much.

  6. Chris says:

    It’s up to $6,500 now.

  7. cigarros electricos says:

    Eso es

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