Antonella Barba in Lycos 50 Elite!

Antonella Barba in American IdolAntonella Barba is hitting top ranks in the Lycos 50. In the latest edition, I see the Lycos50 Elite star beside her name. The lists the people, places and things which are most on the public mind as reflected by Lycos user searches over the past week and

Antonella Barba featured in the Lycos 50 Movers & Shakers edition of February 28, 2007.On March 5, 2007, Lycos 50 reported that Antonella Barba is the number one most searched celebrity this week followed by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Antonella Barba

After staying 2 weeks at the top, Antonella Barba slipped to rank 13 in the latest edition of April 2, 2007 with a Lycos 50 Elite star beside her name.
Antonella Barba

The Lycos 50 Elite is a list of the most popular topics in the history of the Lycos 50. The first tier of the Lycos 50 Elite consists of topics that have appeared on the list every single week since August 1999. I see only 4 terms there – Pamela Anderson, Dragonball, Britney Spears and WWE.

The second tier of the Lycos 50 Elite lists items that have been on the Lycos 50 for at least 50 straight weeks at one time. This includes Clay Aiken, Pokemon, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Naruto, P*ker, Carmen Electra and Jessica Alba.

Based on the criteria of the Lycos Elite, Antonella has been 4 weeks on the Lycos50, so does she fit the title? Maybe it is in error, or the rules have changed or the phenomenal rise in the Lycos 50 may have won her the title! Just checked there are many more items not listed in the elite list which have a Lycos 50 elite star (maybe they have not updated the elite list) like Wikipedia, Myspace, NFL, NBA etc. but they fit the criteria. You just need lots of buzz to become a top web celebrity.

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