New Google Adsense Ads: Google Logo, Less Borders

Google Adsense is rolling out new ad presentations to help improve clicks, which makes you more money. We had recently spotted these blended Google Logos in Adsense Ads and it seems the testing was successful and they are planning a full rollover to these ads.

Google Adsense announced this today that the  new formats are visually appealing and perform better for publishers and advertisers. /p>The removal of the borders between the 4 text links in a unit is a very welcome feature and is the precise reason I never used borders. Now you will find borders being more effectively used to highlight these ads.

I do not see this ad format rollover as yet on my site. Nor do I see these changes active in my Adsense setup area. So I guess it will take a few days. The Google logo (rather than the text link) will also help in better Google branding and lesser confusion with adjacent links.

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