Play Desktop Tower Defense : Addictive Flash Game

I do not usually play computer games pointed out by noted bloggers due to lack of time. But the buzz around the flash game called Desktop Tower Defense was too hard to resist. Jeremy Zawodny blamed his lack of blog posting as a direct result of attempting to beat this highly addictive game. He warned not to click the link and start playing that game, but that is just what we do (Links that say do not click, somehow manage the most clicks out of sheer curiosity).

Now Michael Arrington at TechCrunch is hooked to the computer game and wants it banned (for being so addictive). I too spent quite some time today playing this computer game.

Desktop Tower Defense is a flash-based TD game, that pays homage to a few Warcraft 3 tower defense maps. You have to stop ‘creeps’ from traveling all the way across the screen by strategically placing shooting Tower on the map to hit them before they make it across. Simple.

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