Suggest Features to Improve Gmail: Official Survey

How can you improve Gmail beyond the wonderful free email tool it already is. Google is conducting a small survey to improve your Gmail experience. You can select up to five features from the categorized list of possible features or share “a better idea” you might have. Even if you don’t have an idea, this list will make you think…

I liked some of these features and quickly completed the one page feature survey. In Personalization features, I request the Colorful background skins (for a new fresh look) and Rich text signatures (very much wanted to fully customize my email signature, though I can use the feedburner email signature hack).

Personalization of messages is important. Pre-selected message template forms will enable us to write beautiful letters and dispatch custom newsletters. With added Drag-and-drop images, ability to change default font and additional backgrounds for messages, you can fully customize your email message.

Labels are good, but some people really prefer folders. An option to change the Label system to Folders will be useful for a select group who still fiddle with labels. Hierarchy of Label system (i.e. sub-Labels) would be useful too.

A More functional Contacts list will enable us to control who is added to my Contacts list. The ability to block a user from sending mail to my account, will take care of some persistent email spam issues.

Conversation View changes with the option to turn Conversation View off will be useful for those who like to keep each email single. I would prefer the ability to add or remove messages from conversations, so that I can remove very old messages from my current conversation.

Integration with other Google products like Calendar, Reader, Picasa, News, Blogger, and Orkut will further help to integrate these Google services.

In the end is a host of new features to get you thinking. Helpful Additions would be a To-do list, Read Receipts, IMAP access, Import messages from other email accounts, Export messages to a CD for storage, Add notes to messages, SMS notifications for incoming messages, and Multi-person chat! Fill in the survey today.

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