Akismet Blocks 400,000 Spam Comments Here

This blog gets hundreds of spam comments every day and Akismet is the wonder comment spam blocking tool that works in the background and keeps us spam free. Checking the statistics revealed that Akismet has blocked over 400,000 spam comments here since we installed it here over a year ago.

If you check the Akismet wordpress Ham and Spam statistics, you would be surprised how much spam exists. I just checked the Live Spam Zeitgeist which reveals Akismet has caught 1,516,177,864 spams caught so far, 3,870,997 so far today and 95% of all comments are spam!

Though some say Spam Karma 2 + Akismet + Bad Behaviour 2 can completely despam WordPress, Akismet does a good job alone on this blog. Check out more WordPress plugins I use. Which spam blocker do you use on your blog?


  1. Steve S says:

    I use a combination of SK2 and Akismet, and I’m pretty much spam free. You are right though, Akismet does a pretty good job on its own.

  2. Pallab De says:

    Aksimet does give some of false positives though.

  3. Armen .: Online Advice says:

    Currently, I’m just using Akismet and it’s doing the job, but I have considered installing something to make sure commenters are human. With so much SPAM, aren’t you worried that there may be legitimate comments getting caught?

  4. Me says:

    I almost think they are the ones doing the spamming…the more I delete Askimet’s junk, the more that gets filled up in there.

    I really think they could do a better job of my not EVER having to see most of what appears there by not allowing the same list of key words to ever be seen by me AT ALL. I’ve emailed them about it, with no response. I hope more people complain so that they come up with a Level 2 guard for us.

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