Beyond Adsense: Alternative Programs Earn Huge Money!

People believe that Google Adsense is the simplest way to earn money online. Indeed it is the largest revenue source of this blog too. But several bloggers are redefining the way blogs make money by using alternative affiliate and money making programs to generate revenue far more than what Google Adsense can give.

ReviewMe rules

John Chow earned a huge $11,702.66 last month (and actually became a dot com moghul) with an Adsense contribution of just over a $1000. A break up of his income reveals diverse income sources.

* ReviewMe: $4,500.00
* Affiliate Sales: $2,150.00
* Text Link Ads: $1,352.81
* Direct Ad Sales: $1,200.00
* Google AdSense: $1,077.67
* Kontera: $1,000.00
* FeedBurner: $271.44
* TTZ Media: $150.74

His largest income is derived from Reviewme, where he is a popular reviewer of websites and their services for a fee. Another major revenue source has been his Text link ads, Affiliate sales and Direct ads sales. Kontera with $1000 has surely generated some interest in my mind. [BTW John Chow loves Quick Online Tips too.]

Double Your Adsense Income

Everton at Connected Internet has also posted his last months earnings of $6,418.35

# Google Adsense: $3,648.26
# Direct Ad Sales: $750.00
# Intellitxt: $555.05
# Text-Link-Ads: $535.43
# Tribal Fusion: $437.10
# Feedburner FAN: $350.24
# Vizu Polls: $110.72
# Chitika : $31.79 ($31)

Although Adsense is a major income source for him, he has doubled his income by adding multiple advertising revenue resources. He is making more money with Tribal fusion, Feedburner ads, Intellitext and even Vizu Polls.

Earn Money without Google Adsense

Indian bloggers might be interested in the $3061.3 earned by Thilak at Tech Buzz. It might surprise you but he has no Google Adsense on his blog and yet he is making money via popular Adsense alternatives.

*IntelliTXT: $693.65
*TribalFusion: $612.19
*Text-Link-Ads: $130.54
*Feedburner: $348.87
*BlogAds: $471.62
*Chitika: $104.43
*Direct Sales: $200
*Blogging on other blog: 500$

He has successfully monetized his blog using Blogads, Feedburner, IntelliTXT, Tribalfusion and Chitika. Earning over a lakh rupees per month is serious blogging income by Indian standards. I also use Blogads, but it has got me no advertisers yet.

Summary: The message is clear. You can successfully monetize any affiliate money making or Advertising program, you just need to do it right. With so many Adsense alternatives available, many of which are allowed with Adsense now, you can easily multiply the income generated by your site. If these bloggers can do it, so can you.


  1. jaren says:

    nice tips… thanks for the info…
    thanks for explain that there are still other alternative aside from google…

  2. David says:

    Thanks for posting the monthly incomes and sources for several sites. This is exactly teh info I want…FINALLY!!!!

    No fluff…No BS……just here are the incomes and sources….then I can decide which sites to visit to evalualte for my business model.

    Keep the good work up and keep us updated with incom levels and sources in teh future.

  3. HL says:

    Another open AdSense alternative is SitesAds.Com.

  4. constructicle says:

    yes i agree.alternative program does earn a lot.but the thing is adsense is still the biggest and could literally pay hundred of thousand at one go.

  5. Nadir Patel says:

    Also add ContentAdz to the list, another great adsense alternative!

  6. Zack Marchinsky says:

    Another great adsense alternative is

  7. Rohit says:

    Is program avilable in india

  8. Russel says:

    Another alternative for adsense is audio advertising. The modest estimation is between 0,01 and 0,03.
    More information can be found here:

  9. Stephen Jones says:

    has reviews and descriptions of lots of Google AdSense alternatives, with details of lots of different ad formats including in-text and peel-away

  10. Tabrej says:


    But I hope adsense will look into it for us as more and more players are entering in the market. Yahoo, adcenter and bidvertiser. I am still using only adsense maybe I should think for other options now.

  11. ramesh says:

    my account was disabled by adsense, i was thinking of an alternative, just happended to see affiliate junktion, now its almost 3 months $90 to $100 per day, paying very less in ppc advertisements, expecting to touch minimum of $5000 in the next 3 months.

  12. DemonX says:

    I got some detailed review about clicksor, adbrite, bidvertiser, etc from Google Adsense Alternatives. This blog also contains list of high paying keywords.

  13. yannick says:

    pogads can be used as alternative or complement.

    works great for me.

  14. Tomas says:

    I’ve been using using this tool to find profitable keywords. It’s really cool how it comes up with suggestions that are easy to get into google’s first result page with and then receive all that traffic. Worked for me perfectly. It made me $64 in the first month (i paid for it a bit less), but i’m still receiving traffic to same articles and all the profits now will be mine. Well, this is the best $45 i’ve ever spent on adsense buisiness anyways.

  15. paul says:

    i think adsense is the best way to earn for sure

  16. Klain says:

    To be francly I use Google it’s sure .. it’s fair and it’s like a clock.

    It’s way way better than others.

  17. Ronald says:

    I got vexed when my adsense account got disabled for no reason. But now this post helped me a lot to build my courage and move forward. Especially the last one, the guy who made money without adsense really inspired me. Thanks for this post. You rock.

  18. blog says:

    I think you one of best blogger. And have a good traffic quickonlinetips. Thats why you earn lot from your. For small publisher its really hard to earn such a income.

  19. blog says:

    I surprise you have such a good blog but you earn less from chitika and other hand you earn lot from text link ads. You try infolinks or not.

  20. Justin says:

    Any idea when Microsoft and Yahoo are coming up with Adsense alternatives?

  21. Sabrina Reed says:

    You can use toopika ads its one of the fastest growing contextual network online highly recommended. contact me to get publisher account approved Today.

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