Major MSN Hotmail Update to Windows Live Hotmail

After several reports that Windows Live Mail is being rebranded as Windows Live Hotmail, the official launch has started worldwide. Microsoft is rolling out the biggest Hotmail update ever with a massive 36-language upgrade from MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Hotmail rolling out gradually worldwide.

The new version of Hotmail improves safety, productivity and flexibility of their free email service across clients on the web, desktop and mobile phones. All new user email accounts will be created as Windows Live Hotmail accounts while existing MSN Hotmail users will be able to upgrade their accounts to Windows Live Hotmail by clicking the green “Join Windows Live Hotmail” button in their accounts after logging in.

New users will have the option of choosing between the full and classic experiences upon signing up. Existing Hotmail users will be defaulted onto the classic version, with the option to switch to full with just one click.

Earlier Live Hotmail beta testers got an email telling them of the rewards for participating in the beta and the testers got a special Beta Signature Badge to display online.
Hotmail beta tester

Discover Hotmail today with 2GB email storage, better spam protection, faster speed and more customization. The competition increases with Yahoo! Mail offering unlimited free email storage and Google Gmail opening worldwide without need for invites anymore.


  1. Charlene says:

    I want to be able to sort my mail so the older mail is at the top and the newer mail is at the bottom, and HAVE IT STAY THAT WAY! I used to be able to. Now I have to resort it every single time I log in. What a pain. And this new format takes much longer to open on dial-up. The old way opened fairly quickly.

    I want the old Hotmail back. (And yes, I do still listen to records, not an IPOD. Just an old fogey.) But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  2. Harold says:

    How can i get back to the right way in which to organize my email accounts, which was before this update . This “update” does not help me in the least, not even a little bit. Kindly reply to the above address. Harold

  3. salem says:

    i like hotmail

  4. ROY Bass says:

    I have os 10.2 and can no longer use my e-mail since the change over. What can I do in order to use my account.

  5. KPX says:

    I cannot even read my freaking mail cos of javascript errors.. Hotmail or microsoft or whoever it is.. Do something not some other things…

  6. Janice says:

    Five days ago, I could get into my hotmail. Then a page came up and said…Your hotmail has a new look and I was to click continue and when I did…nothing…I can no longer access my hotmail…it keeps trying to load and then when it’s done all I have is a white blank screen. I have no idea why I could open my old hotmail and now I can’t even get to it. I hate that I have now lost all my emails because I can’t even get to them. I am switching to yahoo.

  7. Laura says:

    As far as I enderstood there is no way to switch back. Is there any way to be able to see all the foldres? On the left hand side I see only contacts and calendar but what about sent, deleted, trash folders? Where are they?

  8. Ron Kotch says:

    Since the automatic hotmail update appeared on my computer I have not been able to print any email on a page or paper. The right side of the text runs off of the width of the paper and the screen text is too wide to fit on the monitor without scrolling to the left. Can anyonetellm how to fix this problem?

  9. Harold says:

    This has caused by IE browser to repeatedly freeze/crash approximately 7 times, just this morning alone on my work PC. It has also happened a few times on my home PC running Vista 64-Bit with 4GB of RAM.

    This update is just garbage and downright insulting to MSN users. Thanks for nothing.

  10. Jeanette says:

    I have one complaint about the new look…I cannot access all of my contacts…when I scroll down the page it stops before I get to the end. How do I fix this?

  11. randy joppru says:

    it never fails; microsoft takes something that works and turns it imto total garbage,their upgrades suck.they do it to fill your hard drive up with meaningless junk so you either have to buy a new computer or buy new software. there nothing but crooks.

  12. reaper says:

    No posebilities to back… well. Now is the time to kill my hotmail accout, redirect all incoming mails to gmail and forget this as a terrible dream like I forgot windows. Why did I loose my mind when clecked on “get 2Gb free space”… – I didn’t use this space even once….
    Or shoud I say “thanks” in such a way ?

  13. Dave says:

    I am having trouble with contacts, printing, and others. Why did they do this and why haven’t they fixed it???????????????????

    IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Pankaj says:

    The new Hotmail is Horrible and vulnerable.

    I am not able to login into my account. I had also verifed my password through some password crackers and find my pasword alright.

    Pretty sure that the reason for “not getting looged into the account” is not b’coz of the password but due to some bug in the new patch.

    Pankaj Jain

  15. yakov says:

    please update to last version

  16. travis says:

    Windows have given birth to a poofter.This Is a useless program. Now My wifes Emails are on my email page I keep getting pop ups for her to sign in.I cant just click mail from messenger, it wont connect and hasnt since the changeover.this new hotmail is a big long list of problems it has taken away all the convenience. I dont want to muck with the settings every time i check my mail. I want Only my mail to show up.I liked my messenger
    to hotmail instant link.I think Ill change to something else.

  17. Ray says:

    I installed windows live mail, and now I can not open the email, I dont know what to do.
    Could somebody help me?

  18. jessie g findlay says:

    When I use word processor, I have a problem. Underneath the File is a blank page with a corner turned down. What happens is:- when I click file sometimees it touches the Blank page and my written work disappears. Whither I have the titled in the Save As while, it will come up blank. I have lost hours of work through this Blank page being far too near the File. Please do something about it, get rid of the Blank page. Frustrated user.

  19. nancy says:

    All of my e-mails from old hotmail have been deleted!!! Oh my god. How do I get them back. I had really important stuff in there. Oh My God! Please change it back for us. Please restore our old e-mails!

  20. Marlene says:

    I cannot print my emails without the contact list on the left printing 4 pages with my email message. How do I print messages only and not the entire folder/contact list? HELP!

  21. hajra says:

    send me updates so as soon as i can open my emails

  22. shane says:

    all my emails are gone after I did the update…Help

  23. says:

    I cannot open my hotmail mail…it is driving me crazy…haven’t been able to for ages…just keep seeing my email number going up…I wish I could just go BACK TO THE OLD HOTMAIL! I never had any problems with it before.

  24. Mary Wageman says:

    I had been sent a notice that we wouldn’t be able to use the e-mail that we are now using and gave us other options with a dead line to choose one by Sept.1 which we had thought about possibly doing so but by accedent the notice that was sent to us was deleted and we are requesting another notice to be sent to us with the same options. Reply….

  25. ron says:

    cant you just restore to before you ran the update to get back the old version?

  26. Mel. says:

    I was going to put on the new vision but when every one hates it I WILL not be doing it.

  27. Jack says:

    Did the recent change cause many of my e-mails not reaching their intended recipients??? My friends and clients are complaining that they are no receiving my mail. What gives???

  28. Sun says:

    Does anyone know how I can contact Hotmail? I haven’t been able to open any emails on my windows live account. Has anyone else had this problem? Please contact me.
    Thank You,

  29. Paul David Uchida says:

    I suppose I was lucky, I didn’t have problems until…I guess it was September 1. Although someone got to my contacts and spammed every one! Twice! I ended up taking all my contacts off. No! Not those contacts! Anyway, after three weeks of no email, Google is sounding pretty good!

  30. ignacio garcia says:

    i am having problems with hotmail I cannot send mail and it is really slow,please let me know what to do,thank you for your time

  31. Michelle L. Fischer says:

    Do I have to update to the new system or I lose my hotmail account that I have had since the beginning of the web?

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