Dell Removes Bloatware: No Pre-installed Software Options

If you ever buy a brand new Dell computer online, you would usually get lots of preinstalled software. But as per a new Dell policy change, these bloatware are on the way out to make your computer free from most unwanted software, but not all…

This seems to be an outcome of customer feedback from Dell Ideastorm, that lets you share your ideas to improve Dell. This inspiring idea came from a popular article called Preinstalled Software Must Be Optional

“…software manufacturers sign licensing agreements with Dell to have their software (usually a ‘lite’ or trial-ware version) pre-installed on Dell computers and pay Dell a fee for the privilege. This is fine for the company, but for the customers upon whom these programs are inflicted, the initial ‘Dell’ experience is one of an endless sea of pop-up messages begging for this or that to be installed, activated, started, registered, etc…”

The official Direct2Dell blog confirms that they have expanded opt-out offering on XPS products as well as Dimension desktops and Inspiron notebooks. Now when you configure a system on, you have the option of choosing “No software pre-installed” for things like productivity software, ISP software and photo and music software. Amazing!

However not all preinstalled software is gone. Dell computers will still come preloaded with trial versions of anti-virus software, Acrobat Reader and Google tools. They also inform about a new software uninstall utility in the U.S (pre-installed on Dimension and Inspiron systems) that allows customers to further control and choose what software is on their system.

Most new computers come loaded with unwanted bloatware. It is good to learn that Dell is listening to customer feedback via the Dell Ideastorm.


  1. Senior says:

    I believe this is a good move. I don’t know what some of the software is which comes with my computer, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I never use most of the softwere which is part of the package with my machine, which by the way isn’t a del. I did help a person set up a Del computer though. It took ages to get rid of all of the software she didn’t want, and stop things starting automatically. Perhaps when computers are set up, there should be a series of checkboxes, which sutomers can check for specific software they want and leave unchecked for software they don’t want. Also, descriptions for the software would be helpful, since some of it is unfamiliar to people so they don’t know what it is and what it does.

  2. Rick Yuen says:

    It’s great that Dell is listening to their customers. I hate bloatware because it really slows down the computer start-up times.

  3. Wong Seoul says:

    Pre-installed Software sux..Why should DELL use my PC before me to install all those commercial trial software..


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