Edit Feed-rss2.php to Customize RSS Feeds in WordPress

Do you know that you can edit WordPress feed-rss2.php to create custom WordPress RSS feeds. I am in a habit of customizing my default WordPress feed to include more relevant content like comments, related posts, copyright statements and Categories. But when I upgraded to WordPress 2.2 recently, all my feed customization was lost. I proceeded to investigate the issue…

feed rss file

Till the last version you needed to customize the wp-rss2.php file in the root of your wordpress installation to modify your feed. In wordpress 2.2, the wp-rss2.php has changed significantly and the default wordpress feed is derived from feed-rss2.php in the wp-includes folder of WordPress. So if you need to tweak your wordpress 2.2 feed, now you need to edit Feed-rss2.php instead of wp-rss2.php. Happy tweaking!

I also figured out how to get Post Preview Frame back in WordPress 2.2 and how FTP errors can lead to unusual wordpress errors.


  1. hombrelobo says:

    I have a problem with that …. I use Instant Upgrade (great plugin that automatically upgrades to the lates stable version), but since it takes control of the core files, it doesn’t let me modify the rss file afterwards ……


  2. Arpit Jacob says:

    I prefer it if there was some plugin to do this rather than editing core files.

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @hombrelobo – I keep a back up of my edited feed php file. I upgrade wordpress in the usual way (or as you do), then I download the concerned php file via FTP, edit it in notepad and upload it back. Works!

    @Arpit – Its actually very simple to edit the php file in any text editor. You just need to add a few lines of html. Keep a back up copy and revert back if something goes wrong.

  4. hombrelobo says:

    The problem is that Instant Upgrade (which I insist, is FANTASTIC), changes the ownership of the files to the apache webserver, so in order to modify the files I have to manually change the owner via a terminal with chown and the change the file. And back next time I use Instant Upgrade …..

    But I guess I will have to do it that way for a while … :D

    Thanks !

  5. listikal says:

    I like the related posts idea. I didn’t know you could actually do this. Thanks PC…

  6. Shivaranjan says:

    Can you tell us how to modify the feed-rss2.php to customize the feeds?

  7. uwiuw says:

    wow, you and i have the same intention to hack wp-rss2. Right now, i’m try to accomplish such thing. and until now, wp-rss2 is still a mystery for me :(

  8. Quizzer says:

    thanks for this info, if you can explain more about customising the file php. Thanks again =)

  9. jay clark says:

    I tried editing wp_includes>feed-rss2.php and cannot see any changes in the output of the system when I look at the rss feed

    What am I missing

  10. bali ratih says:

    thanks for your info
    please advice how to edit feed

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