How to Add HTML Email Signatures in Gmail

I always wanted to attach a html email signature to Gmail, but by default gmail does not allow html email signatures (why?). But if you combine the power of greasemonkey with Firefox, you can add html email signature to Gmail!

Greasemonkey is a powerful Firefox plugin that allows you to change how your favorite pages behave and look. If you power up Firefox with Greasemonkey and then add the appropriate scripts, you can modify the functionality of any web page.

After enabling Greasemonkey, get the Gmail Signature Float userscript. It will modify gmail in 3 amazing ways –

  • Moves your signature in Gmail to the top of the quoted message rather than the bottom. I still wonder why gmail attaches the signature at the bottom of forwarded or replied messages. This fixes that issue.
  • Secondly it can strip out the two dashes that Gmail automatically places above the signature. If those 2 dashes irritated you, they are gone now.
  • Thirdly, It enables the ability to add HTML to signatures, and the ability to leave turn off and on “floating” of the signature.

Of course there is the trick of using the Feedburner Email Headline Animator in Gmail via using desktop email clients like Outlook. If you want a more powerful gmail experience, Gina Tripani at Lifehacker has compiled several Gmail Greasemonkey scripts (including the Gmail Signature) into a cool firefox extension called Better Gmail, (now listed in 50 best firefox extensions) which adds a long list menu of optional extra features to Gmail worth checking out.


  1. Alpesh Nakar says:

    Yep! I have been using better gmail for quite sometime now.
    It’s uber cool …

    Also now that you can add feedburner signature to outlook 2007, nothing like it ;-) Link

    Thanks PC. I never got around to writing about gmail. I got only Outlook thing done….

  2. Alwitt says:

    Tried it an it works. Thank you for your tips!

  3. inspirat says:

    Thanks for the tip. You make a great app like gmail even better.

  4. bobby says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks for the tips and Beautiful page

  6. cathryne says:

    Here’s a script for the Greasemonkey Firefox add-on that allows you to use several HTML signatures in gmail:

  7. GeekFG says:

    There is a bookmarklet HTML creator in order to add HTML signature to Gmail :

  8. Cathryne says:

    There’s a new Firefox add-on that will handle multiple HTML Gmail signatures:

  9. JJohn says:

    Check out this Firefox add-on which allows you to easily maintain up to four separate rich HTML signatures for each email address you have set up in your Gmail account.

  10. Gerard Espinas says:

    I just successfully add my own html email signature in gmail.Thanks for your article’s information.

  11. Jenny says:

    So I downloaded Grease Monkey and added the script but I see no changes in my Gmail
    I restarted everything but I can’t figure it out.
    Could someone help me out please?
    Thanks! :)

  12. cricut software says:

    An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.

    • Ashley says:

      It actually worked extremely well, until about a month ago. We believe the upgraded Gmail broke the script. We’re just awaiting a upgrade. That’s it! :-)

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