New Ways to Find Supplemental Results in Google

Supplemental Results are URL’s of your site residing in Google’s supplemental index, a secondary database containing pages of less importance. If large number of your site pages are listed in the Google supplemental index, then your search engine traffic can be severly impacted. Recently the Google supplemental results query was broken, and search for new Google hacks began…

Previously, to find supplemental results, you need to search in Google with *** -asdfgh **** -asssdsd **** -view
But now none of these queries is generating lists of Supplemental Results.

Then Small Business SEM noticed that the show all your Google supplemental results  query was broken and this query no longer showed results from Google’s supplemental index only. However, they observed this appeared to be happening at some Google data centers.

SEOMoz discussed why Google should bring the query’s functionality back and why it’s actually in their best interests to do so and how it is really useful to site owners. Discussions followed if Google was gearing up to drop the Supplemental Result Label altogether. This prompted the development of supplemental index query tools like this Google supplemental index checker.

New ways to Check Supplemental Results

A WebmasterWorld forum discussion has suggested some new Google queries that can help you find the Supplemental Results in Google. Try *-abcde (example) (example)

At present both these Google queries are working to help webmasters and site owners find Supplemental Results in Google search index. I would really like to see this functionality incorporated in Google Webmaster Central which will be helpful to webmasters.

Update: Playing with the code, just observed that removing the space between the older queries can make these google hacks work again. *** -asdfgh (does not work) ***-asdfgh (Works) **** -asssdsd (does not work) ****-asssdsd (Works)

Update 2: Many shorter and related queries are also working to give the same results *-12345 *-asd (you dont need the other letters)

Update 3:
I tried to get shorter urls and many other shorter queries are working in a similar manner now! *-ak *-ao *-aq *-ax *-ay *-az

These are the shortest queries you can find anywhere. If you tweak around with other 2 letter combinations, they also work. Single letters or numbers do not work. Lets see how long these queries will stay functional.


  1. Shankar Ganesh says:

    Many thanks for informing us of this new way to find these pages!

  2. Nirmal says:

    Supplemental results are always issue at the time when PR update is going to happen soon. Thanks for the informative article.

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Now Google has stopped labeling Supplemental results.

  4. health-prodigy says:

    Hiya, thanks for the cool info, i ve been suffering from supplemental results, now recently i start wondering where are my supplemental results gone actually i was happy. I realized now that google has stopped labelling supplemental results. Yes lot of my url’s are in supplemental results. I have to get those url’s back to track thanks for this article, it does help me. Why google is making webmasters a hell of time…… Please be liberal to us gooooooooooogle!!!

  5. stu says:

    You don’t need to add an asterisk or three. Just a simple unique garbage string works every time. Just type anything random like sjhfsjhgslfagfh, works every time.

  6. health-prodigy says:

    Yes it does work when i type abcdef also but why google is hiding it , what s the benefit it has over doing such kind of things.

    To remain No.1 search engine?

  7. Brent Yorzinski says:

    They are likely hiding it for the same reason they do not display all of a site’s links: it makes it easier for an SEO company to go in there and make adjustments for a site to rank higher in the search results. Google wants their results to be natural, why bother telling people if their site is in the supplemental index?

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