Report Fake Phishing Paypal Emails and Spoof Sites to Paypal

Many people circulate fake phishing Paypal emails and create fake spoof websites that resemble the official Paypal emails and to trick less aware web users to reveal their secret personal information, usernames and passwords. Everyone has a Paypal account offering online payment solutions worldwide.  Do you report these Fake Paypal Emails and Websites to Paypal?

It is common to find a fake Paypal email sitting in your inbox, which you usually delete or mark as spam. Go a step further and report Phishing and Spoofing to Paypal itself. The Paypal Security Centre is committed to fighting fraud, and preventing Identity Theft. You can help Paypal deal with these illegal websites and spam emails by reporting them.

Report a fake phishing Paypal email

Simply forward all fake paypal emails to and then delete them. Such emails usually have lots of spelling mistakes, with masked links where the url text is different from the fraud sites they lead to, and ask you for your passwords in an attempt for identity theft. It takes a few seconds more, but it will help stop fraud.

Report Fake Spoof Paypal Site

If you visit a fake Paypal website, usually by mistyping the url, or clicking on a hidden / masked paypal link in a phishing email – don’t close the window or tab. Report this on the official Paypal site which lets you report such sites. Test your fake site spotting skills with this phishing quiz. If you entered any personal information into the suspicious website, change your password immediately and check your transaction history for inaccuracies.

Next time you get a fake Paypal email, forward it to Paypal immediately before deleting it. Tricked into visiting a fake Paypal site, report it to Paypal. These small initiatives on our part will help Paypal fight this fraud, deal with the imposters and create a secure web for users.

Update: I usually forward fake paypal emails to them and get a reply like this :

“You’ve made a difference. Every email counts. By forwarding a suspicious-looking email to, you’ve helped keep yourself and others safe from identity theft.”


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  1. Jack says:

    In the past I have forwarded blank emails to, and received a response confirming that this was indeed phishing email. It’s an automated feel-good response that you’ve done something right, not an actual person reviewing it.

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Jack – Indeed it is an automated email. But I believe someone at paypal will eventually look into the issue. Paypal has a reputation to keep and the less duped customers they have, the better it is. ;-)

  3. kastanedowski says:

    I’ve been forwarding the fake mails to for about 4 months…. I am just stupid or really nobody cares….

    My boss just has been scammed and he gave all the personal information by mail, he pressed the wrong link

    what to do? it’s easy

    he closed all his bank account, spend one week making new ones and he promise to himself to buy only in the stores with cash

  4. Ed Coyne says:

    You need to understand the enormity of this problem. PayPal, and companies like them, are limited in what they can do, once you’ve received an email. To act like you had a unique issue that you needed them to respond to is just unrealistic.

    I do the same thing. Keep doing what you’re doing. Eevery email DOES count.

  5. Chris says:

    Linux, as many know is a FREE OS(Operating System) created by SUN Microsystems, Inc. and is being SOLD on this website as a scam.

  6. D Farnell says:

    Scam emails will always exist and by clubbing together to forward these messages to paypal may seem insignificant but could make all the difference between someone getting duped and loosing to the scammers and them loosing out.

  7. Graeme says:

    i got this email today and i think it is a phishing mail so i have sent it to you.
    PayPalDear Valued Customer,
    We are having errors in proper verification of your account. This might be due to one of the following reasons:

    *A recent change in your account Details
    *An Internal errors within our servers

    CLICK HERE to rectify this Errors.

    Paypal online security Team

  8. Velda Mossler says:

    I received an email telling me my account had been limited and I went to the sight requested and did not want to give them my card number,social security #, plus my birth date. I called the bank that I use fo PayPal and they gave me your number and received this sight to report it.

  9. walter bogan says:

    I received a fake E mail saying you paypal sent me a lump sum of money and my 3 times greater than what was suppose to have been sent to my account and I don’t have a paypal account and never asked for one saying bank refund approved

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