[Solved] Fix Error 0X80070052 on USB Flash Drives

An alert popped up with Error 0X80070052 – “the directory or file can not be created as I tried to copy data from my Computer to memory stick. I use a 2GB Transcend USB Flash drive or memory stick to store my office data. Here is my experience in fixing the error…

Checking my USB Flash Drive

Error 0X80070052

I had shared my experience about fixing flash drive errors earlier, but I was determined to try all means to figure out what went wrong before I would format the pen drive (and all data is deleted forever!). I googled some forums for support and the problem was not uncommon. Most people suggested some FAT to NTFS problem, something about not correctly formatting your disk when used the first time, fake pen drives (standard tech support answer) and the ultimate (and simplest) solution to format your disc and erase all data.

Here is what I did, and maybe you would have too – I used the “Safely remove hardware” option, stopped the flash drive, reinserted it into the USB port. All my files were listed well and could be opened. I could easily transfer data from the USB drive to the computer (So I transfered all data, just incase all data got corrupted by my experiments – always back up your data, ALWAYS while it is still working).

When I tried creating a new folder, it did manage to create some corrupted folder, which would not open, nor could it be deleted. Here is a comparison of the corrupted new folder on the left and the way a normal new folder displays in Window Vista.

Corrupt New FolderNormal New Folder

The first thing that struck me was that since more data was not getting stored on the pen drive, the maximum storage capacity must have been reached. But the usb drive was only at 25% capacity. So the problem has to be something else.

Free Disk Space

Maybe it was a bad virus which had infected the pen drive. I went to My Computer and right clicked to right clicked to scan with Norton Internet Security (my trusted antivirus tool, though these free antivirus software would work as well). No Viruses or malware.

Maybe it was bad sectors on the disk. Then I right clicked the Removable drive, went to properties, then tools and I scanned the drive for bad sectors and selected the error checking option.

Scan for Errors

Then I selected both options to Automatically fix file system errors and also scan and attempt recovery of bad sectors. But there were no errors.

Check Disk for Errors
However, I could still not create any folder on the pen drive, nor could transfer any data from the computer to the flash drive. I looked around the forums where most of them suggested to back up all data and format flash drives.

Error 0X80070052 USB Fix

When I looked into the contents of my usb flash drive, I had around 15 folders and over a 120 word documents, 30 Pdf files and a few zip and image files stored in the root of the pen drive. Since new folders were not being created, I thought maybe there were too many files in the root area, so I moved all these individual files to a pre-existent folder (remember we cannot create a new folder). Now I had 15 folders and no single files in the root of the flash drive.

And guess what happened (I would not be writing this had it not worked!) – The flash drive is back to normal (I do not need to format it after all, though I was getting prepared for it). Now the Error 0x80070052 is gone, I can easily create new folders (that strange corrupted folder is still there!) and easily transfer files to and fro from the computer. So maybe it has something to do with keeping files in folders… maybe some geeky person can share their knowledge about the issue.

I hope you try this simple solution to Error 0x80070052 before formatting your flash drive. It worked for me, may work for you.

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  1. No Worries says:

    If you have formatted your usb drive with FAT16, there is a limitation on how many files you can have on the root of each drive. That limit is 512 files and folders.

  2. dorear says:

    Exactly what my problem was. Thank you – this saved me hours of investigating!!

  3. giri says:

    hi… i have a 4GB usb flash… when the files or folder size exceeds 700 to 800 mb all the data gets mixed up nd i cant delete or copy the files can u tell me u r idea about it….

  4. mama_lr says:

    Wow thanks for your help! I had this problem with my MP3 player. Now I can download more songs on it. Thanks again!

  5. Jim N says:

    Great advice, it worked.

  6. Should Worry says:

    The limit is not 512, but rather 255 (16*16=256). I had the same issue and for Windows purposes, I format it to FAT32. In my digital cameras I use FAT16. The cameras will take care of the 255 file limitation.

  7. yoe says:

    it really works!!!!
    thank you very much=W=~~~!!!!

  8. John Bannister says:

    Re Error 0X80070052
    I had exactly the same error as you describe on my Tescos 1G Technika flash drive. I had copied ~100 files and could not copy any further files but had only used 100M of memory. I was thinking about taking it back. However, I followed your fix and it works! You saved me a trip and a product exchange which would not have solved the problem.
    The user manual for this product is clearly inadequate. Ill bet that Tescos are getting a lot of unnecessary product returns!
    Many thanks for your very useful fix – why not tell Tescos – they should reward you!

  9. fared says:

    I can help you. go to vendor website search and download utiliti software for you USB drive.you can format USB drive and repair USB drive System

  10. batteries not included says:

    thanks for this. was beginning to think my 2gb SD was a fake. very useful!!!

  11. Polly says:

    Oh, thank you so much! You helped me a lot! :*

  12. esamlioglu says:

    Your solution also solves my problem. Thaks a lot.

  13. Michael Metz says:

    format the SD Card or USB drive in Fat32 before you use it or save you data and then fornat the little bugger. Workd like a charm for me,


  14. Testrup says:

    Ohh.. Dudes.. Actually there is a more simple solution to this particular problem.

    Simply format the pen-drive in FAT32 instead of FAT.

    I indexed all my files into folders after reading this little fix, but tried, by my self, to format the drive in FAT32, and now I can have as many files as I like in the root of the pen-drive.


  15. janfrancis says:

    i had 150 mp3 files on my M2 SD card and it didnt want to sinc with windows media player. i just transfered the 150 mp3’s to my desktop ofcourse made a folder. then i erased all data on the card. then i made 3 folders music videos pictures
    started putting them back and now its working perfectly… dang sd cards have limits on their root drive

  16. DeWanto says:

    I have Creative Nomad MP4 Player Flash Disk. My Computer detect it as Removable Disk if i plug in computer, but i can not format it, because capcity 0 kb. How is it ? How to format and fixed or repaired it ? Thank’s

  17. Mandy says:

    Worked great, thank you.

  18. Lisa says:

    i am trying to copy about 800 photos onto a 2GB SD card. It is limiting me to 300 pics but still says it has over 3/4 of memory left. i get the 0x80070052 error. any thoughts? i plan on putting the card into a digital photo frame.

  19. Josefine says:

    HI! I have the same problem, but I dont have a pre-excistens folder. So how can I fix this problem now?
    Help me!


  20. Di Lafin says:

    I transfered everything off the 2GB SDcard into a new folder on the desk top which left the card totally empty. I then added more photos to the folder and transfered the new folder back to the SDcard. It worked with no problems.
    Thank you very, very much.

  21. Nero says:

    When i try to transfer any folder that has many subfolders (containing different types of files) to my 4gb flash disk, the contents of these subfolders do not copy.

    also, one time i copied music folders and the files were ok, and working. but when i try to add more folders containing music files, the CONTENTS of the previously copied folders disappear.

    maybe it’s a fake? it would help to know really. i’ve tried formatting it before.

  22. naiomi says:

    i have a error 0x80070052 how to fix it

  23. huz says:

    when i try to copy a file to my mp4 it says can not copy the directory or file can not be created

  24. Devon says:


    Fixed my problem in a second with a 2GB Sandisk SD card.

  25. Thaei_tammai says:

    Good job!!!! My flash drive can copy file again!!!
    Thank You!!!!

  26. Dr Shyam Jamalabad says:

    Great!! You’re a genius! Solved my problem in a blink! How can I ever thank you enough?
    Keep up the good work!

  27. Dr Shyam Jamalabad says:

    Dear Testrup or anybody else who’s listening,

    I read testrup’s post much later about “Simply formatting the pen-drive in FAT32 instead of FAT.”
    I need some clarification, though.
    I have one PC which still runs Win 98SE (Don’t ask why) Will I still be able to sync with that PC if the pendrive’s formatted in FAT32?
    I haven’t tried for the simple reason I don’t know if a flashdrive once formatted in FAT32 can be brought back to FAT.
    Any expert opinions appreciated.

  28. Curtis Glenn says:

    Hey guys, I too had that error problem about the fat 16 and 32’s. Now, though, I can only copy 552 files to my usb storage system, which has a 1g capacity. There is still over three fourths space left. How can I copy more to it????

  29. TIR says:

    Hey man thanks!!! Sharing this was amazing… thank you for your time, dedication and non-selfish feeling!!!!

  30. DAS says:

    Your solution was perfect!

    Thank you for sharing it

  31. BigAl says:

    Created folders, works a charm.Thanks.

  32. zak says:

    that was great all done. thanks for the effort u put in!!!

  33. ND says:

    Hey dude !! Thanks a lot. It indeed is a great tip. Saved me the hassle of formatting the disk. I use a 2 GB imation and the data was super critical. Thanks again. God bless.

  34. Tony says:

    THANK YOU! Had same problem but with a mp3 player and music. I couldn’t put any more music on and it was only half full. I went to make a new folder to put it in like you said, and it wouldn’t let me.. so I removed one song, made the folder, put all my music in… and it worked fine! Thanks!

  35. Roberto says:

    I have another method:

    I had this same problem with my thumbdrive and after read this forum and having the same idea about some corrupted folder or file.

    I listed all files from my USB drive using the “Windows Explorer” with the “Date modified” view, and based on the date I deleted the latest 2 files that were created (I’m not sure which one was the problem) but after that I can create again folder & files.

  36. Nathan says:

    Excellent! It worked perfectly, cheers mate.

  37. Kelly says:

    I think I love you! Same thing with technika mp3 player from tescos, was about to take it back…luckily I found your advice,

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this!

  38. shoaib says:

    hi thanks for the tip it solved the problem when i formated my flash drive with FAT32 formate.i created a folder after formate then all files got easly copied in it.

  39. eko says:

    good job my friend got exactly the same problem and thank to you i figured it out. Thanx a lot man

  40. Yanir says:

    Thank you so much – exactly what I needed to fix the problem like magic!
    A well written great solution!

  41. Scott says:

    Bought another flsh drive as reformatting didn’t work when I first had this problem. Was so frustrated as I had the same problem with the new drive. This solution was fantastic. Such a simple solution. Thanks for sharing. Wish I had googled this in the first place.

  42. Bruno Lana says:

    WOW! Thank, really, really much!!

    I created the new folder and transfered some archives, and the pen drive is working again!!!

  43. Suzy Garrison says:

    BOY>>>>Does this work!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU It was late and needed those files for work. I searched for a solution, but your solution was the easiest and quickest of the lot. Cannot thank you enough. YAY!!!!

  44. Deon says:

    BIG thank you – It worked like a bomb. I moved the files to a folder and now I can add more data.

  45. Alyssa says:

    thank you so much! My small HD size means I don’t want a bunch of music files on it so I’ve been using a USB & it stopped working, but now that I moved it all into a “music” folder it works like a dream. Thanks!!!

  46. DJ Jazzy L says:

    Wow! A miracle happened! What had become a minor irritant is a thing of the past. You’re a genius! All other “fixes” in other forums should be “unGoogled”! :-))
    Thanks for doing the legwork.

  47. Calogero Algeri says:

    This was exactly the same problem that i had. thankyou heaps!

  48. A.Anand Srinivasan says:

    it is a cool solution… it worked for me… i copied a lot of mp3s to the usb and it was giving this error… i created a folder called song and moved the files… and the usb became normal…

  49. fadi aoun says:

    hi please i need help
    i have many photos about 500 on my usb and still have many space durint a travel trip
    everything was ok until suddenly an error occured and said that it must be formatted and i dont have back up
    the strange thing is that on apple pc it shows items but with error and it shows the capacity as it is with the photos
    please i need help urgent urgent urgent

  50. Renesisapex says:

    Thanks for your solution, “No Worries” it makes perfect sense…reformat to a better File System.
    Same error code for me: I had 170 items in the root of my 1GB Flashdrive. If I removed one file/folder I could insert another but no more, limit therefore is 170, in my case the FAT format was used. I backed up the contents of the drive to a temp location and reformatted using NTFS, and hey, Presto! problem solvered!
    So why do these drives come formatted in anything other than NTFS? According to one suggestion it’s, as usual, a matter of time and money during production/testing. FAT is the simplest to format and easiest to test…..!
    So even if you haven’t yet encountered this problem but want to avoid it, backup the drive data and reformat to NTFS (Providing your system is capable of handling it – anything less than 10 years old should be OK).
    If you want to read the techie stuff about this try this URL: http://tinyurl.com/b5ovn

  51. Leah says:

    I reformatted the Flash drive, but that didn’t solve the problem, either.

    I don’t have any folders on my drive, but got the same error when I had both 1 and 2 folders. About 1/3 of the files would transfer, and the rest generate the error code.


  52. Leah says:

    Sorry – I read through more of the comments and reformatted in FAT32. That solved the problem.

  53. BM says:

    I have been facing this same problem, repeatedly receiving the0x80070052 error on both my Transcend JetFlash 4G and Transcend SD 2G.

    In the case of the latter it was a 150 root file limit.

    Thought it was a problem with Vista, perhaps a permissions issue, since I had no such problem with XP.

    Nothing worked. Though, as the author of this thread discovered, creating a subdirectory and copying all the music there, or copying a subdirectory, from another source, with all files worked.

    But I wanted to have all the files on root, not in any subdirectories. So followed those who advised formatting with FAT32 and it worked no problem!

    I have little doubt that formatting with NTFS will work just as well.

    Thanks to all who assisted.

  54. Juli says:

    thank you thank you! This was driving me crazy and this fixed the error in a flash…pun intended! Thanks again :)

  55. xeraboo says:

    this was brilliant – worked immediately!! i was just about to start checking out file formats… thank god i thought of googling this up first! thanks mate ;)

  56. psy says:

    Thank you a lot never thought the answer would be so simple. it worked perfectly

  57. Victoria says:

    had the same problem w/ Kodak 1 and 2 GB SD mem cards. same problem – would only accept so many files. i formated to FAT32, created folders and moved over data to pre-existing folders. EXCELLENT solution. thanks so much. you’re an asset to the electronic world!

  58. Christine says:

    And the thanks keep pouring in! You saved me so much grief by pointing out the “too many files in the root area”. You are a genius. Thanks.

  59. Don (Colony 14 Author) Fredrick says:

    Thanks for the help. Formatting my 2 GB SD card with FAT32 allowed me to copy 300 songs to it. Prior to the formatting, I had to set up three folders with 100 songs to get it to work.

    Thank goodness for sites like this to help others resolve their problems! Needless to say, when I bought the SD card it did NOT come with instructions advising, “By the way, this card won’t actually work right until you format it with FAT32.” A few words like that on the package would save a lot of people a lot of aggravation!

  60. powerman666 says:

    I got this same error in windows vista using a USB Hard drive. When I tried to move a file to a folder already containing 26,991 files. So i took some of the file out that folder and then was able to add new files. But I cannot add more than 26,991 file into any folder.

  61. powerman666 says:

    BTW the drive is formated in FAT32 so according to this 255(16*16) formula as mentioned above I should be able to store 65535 file on one drive. But i cannot put this many in one folder? why is that?

  62. Stephen says:

    This did the trick, thanks for your help, very useful, and oddly enough it works, and i still have my data :[)

  63. ozy says:

    yeah yeah yeah it worked!!!

  64. Stu says:

    Thanks! Found this after wasting almost three hours trying to figure it out, solved my problem right away. Huge help!!!

  65. Dee says:

    Thanks ever so much for help! Now my mp3-player is working again and I’m able to load it full. Thank you! :)

  66. zeelihaa says:

    thanks!! my usb has same error and till I read your sharing, I couldn’t make it work…
    thank you so much again:))

  67. Joe says:

    If in doubt GOOGLE it, thats how I found out fix to the problems I was having, thanks to whoever started this thread!

  68. Praveen says:

    Thanks !!!!!!1 worked for me

  69. mp3man says:

    Just create a new folder and call it Music on your flash/memory stick.

    Then just drag all your mp3’s into that folder and you’ll be able to fill up the remaining space.

    Simple :>

  70. Maryam Mgeni, Tanzania says:

    Thank you so much, Your sharing has saved my time, I cant deny I struggled for the past two days and I thought I had damaged my flash drive.

  71. Robert says:

    Great big thanks…deleted 1 file added one folder moved all under the folder..good to go.

  72. Inger from Sweden says:

    Thanks so much for this excellent tip! Fixed my problem in a second!

  73. Rob says:


  74. tonz08 frm Philippines says:

    Thank you so much!! it really works…il treasure this 4ever!!!

  75. chudro says:

    Thank you man this worked!

  76. Nina says:

    Thanks ever so much! I had encountered this sort of error before and had to go through crazy amounts of steps before i could transer files from my computer to my flash drive. This was simple and really helpful…and it really made my day easier. Keep up the good work! :)

  77. Victor Mandujano says:

    dude, seriously, thanks a lot!

  78. Frank Addae Tawiah says:

    I have my 8GB micro vault pen drive and i ever insert it to my lap-top or my computer it tells me that i used insert my dick.
    I have therefore,lost my information software dick to my pen drive and i have only left with my Sony Micro Vault 2.0 pen drive with me.
    Sir/Madam, i have more information of my document in the pen drive and i will be much,much happy if you could spent a little of your time to help me in any way or my be a new drive will also contribute sir.

    Thank you.

  79. Sandy says:

    i cant thank you enough. this was a headache to me. and thanks again.

  80. Martijn says:

    Adding one more to the long list: thanks for this!

  81. Nic says:

    wow, it’s so easy…:) Thank you so much!!

  82. Dan B says:

    Another happy camper here. We had just got a photoframe and I was going crazy trying to figure out why my card kept stopping around image # 255. FYI: The more I tried, it seemed to go a little farther, but then I realized it was dropping off the first few at the front of the copy, so it really wasn’t getting any more pictures, but a different subset.
    This fix worked perfectly (just finished copying 530 pictures no problems), thanks for the post.

  83. jason says:

    yeah it works for my sd card but not for my pc w/ vista installed. i tried copying my music and pix from a back-up cd since my pc is new but this error kept on popping. some of the music was transferred but not all and the other transferred music didn’t play at all.same problem w/ my pc in the ofc w/ windows xp installed. some of the song from the cd was copied but didn’t play. please please help me!

  84. jen says:

    cant thank u enough,im stupid with computers, and u made this easy for me…thanks again, worked like a charm

  85. Cattrain says:

    OMG! THANKYOU. I was almost ready to format my USB MP3 player, and I saw this article. You are amazing.

  86. KazaT says:

    WOW This is the first article I read and it worked!! You saved me a LOT of reading and headaches. THANKS!

  87. Ellis says:

    Hi all,

    This solution helped me. I created an EZ XP Guide that summarizes the quick fix copying to a folder. and the more permanent solution formatting your usb flash drive with FAT32.


  88. jessica. says:

    you, my friend, are a champion!!!

    i bought a me2 off ebay and it recently started playing up and came up with this error code. i thought i had broken it. but you..you have told me how to fix it. and now it works!

    you are one smart cookie.
    i owe you buddy.


  89. david jones says:

    U are the man, thanks a lot, it worked:)

  90. Kevin J says:

    Thanks for taking the time to blog this. I had a feeling the FAT32 solution would work, but I tried putting all files in a single folder and it worked great.

  91. Emma says:

    Thanks for the help, this explained it really clearly, unlike many explanations I’ve found. Much appreciated

  92. Alex says:

    I just bought JetFlash 8G and installed the software recomended by Transcedent and write protected the flash. Later by mistake I deleted files from the flash and now can only read the flash. When I am pasting a file on it, system is giving “write protected”. Please help.

  93. Kiran says:

    Hi Friends,

    By formating with FAT32 format, i have fixed the problem.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

  94. Chris says:

    Help! Applying your solution has made things worse. What is Root Area? I have no folders only a shrinking amount of MP3’s. Can you please give simple word by word instructions. Many thanks

  95. Maribel says:

    Thanks for your help!!!! and for taking the time to explain it here making it available for everybody!

  96. Cassie says:

    Thanks for your help. I was worried my computer had a virus.

  97. paul says:

    Thanks muchly for your solution. I had three thumb drives all with the same problem. It’s people like you that make computers bearable for the likes of me. Cheers. Paul @ Camden Oz.

  98. Cupcake says:

    Wow, that actually worked great. I wonder why an MP3 player capable of holding 2GB would stop functioning at half that in the root directory… I don’t even think I can play things out of folders on it.

  99. cesar castaño says:

    this problem is due to FAT limitations reaching the limit of number of files or file size in the root directory. Remove the files to one subdirectory to decrease the number of files in the root directory. This also happens in xp, but the error is not specific.

  100. claudine says:

    Oh my God thank you so much! It also applies to mp3 players! Oh gosh I have songs in folders now. Thank you so much!

  101. Jenwen says:

    Thank you so much for your help! I was having trouble with my mp3 player and was stressed to the max as I thought it was broken! Simple and easy to follow advice-thank you!

  102. nica says:

    where is that pre-existent folder located?..

  103. nica says:

    thanks, i saw it!!.. thanks a lot .. i thought i had broken may mp3 already .. may saver! :D

  104. Rus says:

    Thanks. I had the same problem. Deleted some files and it works again. You’re a life saver!

  105. Larry says:

    I reformated my SD card and created a folder and put all the pictures I wanted in it, over 400 with no problems. Thanks for the fix. Now if I could only figure out how to fix error code 0x800CCC7D

  106. mo says:

    it worked for me. thank you very much

  107. Ron says:

    I don’t know why but am estatic that all is well after formatting with FAT 32. Thanks!!!

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    Great!!! It worked with my 2 GB USB Drive! thanks a lot…

  110. carol says:

    Thank very mcuh I can now add more music to my mps player. I am a novice at this game, but learning

  111. Amy says:

    I was getting this problem and had no idea what to do with it. It wasn’t even my flah drive – it’s a prof’s and I’m storing my work for him there! I was so happy to see this work! Thanks! :)

  112. Vicky says:

    Thanks! Work just as you said. Copied all the files in Root to another folder and problem solved. Nothing else required, no reformatting, deleting, etc. Just move, copy, paste, GO!

  113. Marina says:

    The solution to solve the 0X80070052 its to not put many isolated files in the root of the usb drive.Create a folder and put the files into the folder.
    Thanks for the help!

  114. Dave says:

    Thanks for the info. Was trying to copy some photos over to my 2GB SD card and kept getting the error message. Reformatted it using FAT32 and can now transfer the full 2gb of photo’s onto it.

  115. amanda says:

    Thank you so much for that. I was trying to copy photos and going crazy trying to figure out why I couldn’t copy to a less than half full compact flash card!

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    you are my hero as simple as make 3 click’s

    best regrets from Perú

  117. Flora says:

    Thank you so much! I did everything you said and it worked. I moved my files from the core to another file in the usb and it worked! Thank you very much!!!

  118. what about if i don’t want to create folders?
    i wanna use my pen-drive on my stereo and it needs all mp3-s outside folders.
    i formatted it with fat32 and still doesn’t work

    any clue?

  119. Johnny O says:

    Worked like a charm. I was having trouble getting all of my vacation pix on to my SD card. I just added a folder and Voila! problem solved!

  120. Mariano says:

    Was just about to buy my third 2Gb pen drive … thought my USB ports were doomed … Thanks!

  121. WiL1iaM-G says:

    Thanks very much. Problem fixed within a short time. My MP3 can add more songs now. XD

  122. Ben says:

    Thanks a bunch, this happened on my brand new never been used pen drive and i was putting music on it so i could take it overseas, cut out half way through copying but now thanks to you its all going sweet :) 11/10

  123. Rebecca says:

    I’m going to try your fix with the root folder, but how do you format to FAT or FAT32? I only know what I work with on the computer and that is accounting. Thanks for posting. I was getting no where on Windows Help or Microsoft Help!

  124. Brad Moore says:

    I read this explanation and also was happy I was able to fix my problem quickly. I got this message after about 170 pictures on a 2gb Ativa flash drive. I am somewhat computer literate, but it took me a second to figure out what the ‘root drive’ was.

    I was able to create a new folder on my flash drive (the thing you plug into the computer that you’re putting the pictures/music on) by right clicking and “create new folder.” I then moved all my pictures into this new folder and now have no problems. I always wondered why my digital camera had several folders on it to get to the pictures. I think this must be why.

  125. Kim says:

    I had formatted my SD card in FAT when I came upon this error after trying to fill the card w/ photos for a digital photo frame, and am now trying to format it in FAT32, but which is better, FAT32 or NTFS? Also, should the “Allocation unit size” be adjusted? I selected 8192 bytes because that seemed to be the largest choice (is that correct?)… one last thing…if I have to put my photos in folders, will the digital photo frame still be able to read the SD card??? It definitely would’ve been helpful if they put this information in the instructions that came with the SD card! All answers are greatly appreciate :)

  126. EDGAR says:

    I had this same error with a microSD and tried creating a new folder, it was a normal folder, NOT A CORRUPTED ONE, so I stored there the data I couldn’t store on the disk.

    PS – Thanks.

  127. Michael says:

    Thank you, worked great

  128. Mickp says:

    Worked a treat – thanks – my mum and dad can now have lots of piccies of their grandson on their digital photo frame :-)

  129. Philip says:

    Hi Kim
    My photo frame won’t read the NTFS. I went back to FAT16 and just transported a complete directory (with the photos already in the directory) to the SD card.
    This works OK
    Good luck

  130. Pam NZ says:

    Brilliant, I googled, found your post and fixed my own problem. THANKS SO MUch!!

  131. Heather says:

    U r a lifesaaver – was not looking forward to deleting and reformatting!

  132. gopalakrishnan says:

    hi my usb having IO error problem how to solve it please advise my guys
    aft its showing error i cant copy any thing i make format and i tried to copy but its showing same problem my pendrive capacity 2GB ammkete

  133. Amanda says:

    Thank you SO much! I sat here for seriously HOURS trying to figure out why it would only let me put a certain amount of things on when there was still plenty of room! Making folders and putting a little in each one worked perfect and helped out so much!

  134. Rob says:

    Thanks for posting this… I’m hitting the same error with a flash drive, and when googling found this, and the info and comments have been helpful (glad I’m not alone here!)


  135. El Cheche says:

    hey thanks man, for a moment i thought i had a virus or something on my memory card. Nice tip! Thanks lots!

  136. Larry says:

    Reformatting in FAT32 did it for me. I didn’t want to divide the MP3s into folders. This worked great and now my flash drive is packed to it’s 2G max.

  137. Big Dave says:

    Wow, I can not thank you enough for this! I was about to defenestrate my laptop along with the SD card, but you totally saved me! Thank you so much for having the common sense to solve such a simple problem that was giving me so much trouble.

  138. Technology Blog says:

    Genius Mate! Worked Wonders!!

    Thanks.. I was so frustrated about this.

  139. Brendo says:

    Thanks, fixed my 1GB Toshiba & 1GB Verbatim

  140. DaUnknown3 says:

    Wow, this worked for me in a blink of an eye for my 2GB Sony USB.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  141. Darold says:

    OMG. I have had this problem for YEARS (at least 2-3). I was almost to the point where I was going to get rid of this thing and buy a new one. MANY THANKS.

  142. chrisk says:

    Thanks for the trouble you have taken, it worked.
    Appreciate very much.
    God Bless CK

  143. Sandee Schuster says:

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  144. Peter says:

    I tried that, solution, I found if I deleted just 1 file I could create a folder, which I could then move my mp3’s to on my mp3 player, then I could continue to add files to my mp3 player.

  145. rose says:

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  146. duuude says:

    Thanks, this fixed my problem right away, stupid root drive limitations!

  147. Coral Millican says:

    Thank you for the assessment of this error, I appreciate that you wrote the article so that the rest of us can easily fix it as well. I was wondering if you also got rid of the corrupted file — I have the same issue on another External Hard Drive.

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  149. Jason says:

    I had the same error, so I read this. I was trying to put music file for my Alpine radio that takes an SD drive. I moved all my music off, put it in a folder on my C drive, then moved the folder over, and now everything fits. THANKS!


  150. GU says:

    thank you. This kind of forums are always very useful for me. Help a lot and i was able to fix the problem.

  151. Chris says:

    FAT32 format fixed the 0x80070052 problem I’ve been having for months/ thanks

  152. Farley says:

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  154. Tanya says:

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  155. Melissa says:

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  158. T says:

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  159. MK says:

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