Google Gifts Building Blocks Marketing Toolkit

Google likes to keep its top Google Adwords users happy by sending them periodic gifts to continue using their services. Google previously sent christmas gifts and digital photo frames to its top adsense publishers and some top Google Adwords users got a Google mini fridge and Adsense MTV video ad testers got lava lamps. Shimon Sandler reports getting a Google Building Blocks Toolkit

Shimon Sandler posts about the Toolkit he got in the mail from Google.

Google Marketing Toolkit

It is labelled the Google Marketing Toolkit 2008 and consists of these buiding blocks like #1 in Search, Print Ads, Feedburner, and the biggest block seems to be “Online Display Ads”. Simon is a Google Adwords Qualified Professional as per the logo on his site (and seems to be a top user to get this google gift.) Did you get this gift from Google?

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