What is Dictionary Meaning of QOT?

Many friends and bloggers address this blog Quick Online Tips as QOT in abbreviated form. However, I discovered accidentaly today that QOT is an abbreviation in the dictionary too.

The Free Dictionary says the Acronym QOT stands for “Quality Office Time“. Well I am sure you spend some quality office time by reading QOT here. Just to clarify, Acronyms are abbreviations, that are formed using the initial letters of words or word parts in a phrase or name.

On a related note, found another acronym called QOT&E which means “Qualification Operational Test & Evaluation”. Wow!

Have you abbreviated your blog name? Share in comments what it means.

Update: Found some more QOT’s – Quotes of Truthiness is a gadget to get the truthiness of Stephen Colbert right from your computer. Then there are some scientists who are busy studying the Quantum Optics Theory.

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