WP-Cache Bug Strikes Back: Site Down 17 Hours

In case you visited the site a few hours back, it was down with internal server errors. Unlike last time when the site was down 36 hours, this time I knew what the problem was and as soon as I disabled Wp-cache, the site was instantly back online…

QOT server errors

See in the image above how the site downtime occured. I had recently upgraded to the new wordpress 2.3 and decided to give wp-cache another try forgetting the site downtimes issues it had caused the previous time. The site worked fine for the last 2 days, and I thought that wp-cache and wordpress 2.3 finally worked well together. After all Wp-cache is a very fast cache module (is highly recommended for shared web hosting users), and can easily help your shared server survive a slashdotting or Digg effect better.

The problem was same as before. The cached and expired pages were of the same number and that somehow interfered with the functioning of the plugin, preventing further caching and deletion of expired pages also.

cache contents

I simply disabled the plugin, emptied the cache and expired pages and deactivated the wp-cache plugin and the site was instantly back online. I hope the plugin author fixes the issue. Have you encountered a similar problem with WP-cache?

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