Hey Blogger! Which Car Do You Drive?

Have you wondered which cars bloggers drive? David Pitlyuk got in touch with a bunch of top bloggers and some obliged by describing their cool cars. Now I will show you my car and you show me your car …

David has compiled the list of top bloggers cars. He also questioned “If you had to buy a new car today, what would it be?” and “What would you drive if money was no object?” and the answers are amazing… here are cars some top bloggers own

– Jeremy Schoemaker owns a H2 Hummer
– John Chow has Acura TL
– Guy Kawasaki owns Honda Odyssey, 2 Toyota Siennas, Audi S6 Avant
– Darren Rowse owns a Honda CRV Sport and Holden Barina

Which car do I Drive?

I own a beautiful Maruti Swift VXI car. Its a 1300cc, 4 Cylinder, 4 seat hatchback with power windows, power steering and all that you need in a great car on Delhi roads.

Maruti Swift

Which car do you drive?

Hey Blogger! Which Car Do You Drive? I showed you my car, now you show me your car (how about a photo too!). Post a comment… I might collect them in a new post.

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